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Match & Catch Results / Reports.

Posted by Richard on February 10, 2015 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Martin Mathews from Carmarthen is no stranger to White Springs, enjoying his winter fishing. you have to think before you cast out to where the fish are holding up as they are not feeding every day in the colder weather, but he has been rewarded with one of our new fish 26lb from peg 2, yet he lost a much bigger one as the other anglers around the lake heard his calls of disbelief.


Another angler to do well was Kristian Jenkins from Llanelli on cabin 7. He landed a 29lb 5oz Common on Nash Coconut Crème pop ups, a few more ounce’s and someone will be able to name it.


While anglers on The Big Pit are also picking up fish that are new to them, with a few of our newer 17/18lb’s being reported.


The pleasure side has also been a little slower but fishing for silvers has been fair with anglers saying fish down the tracks, in other words down the sides, using maggot or chopped worm seems to be working.

Last week ends matches were on the New Canal with Ben Hicks doing it with 48lb 10oz.


While Wes Sleldon on the Match Lake got 25lb 8oz and very close behind was Andrew Neal with 25lb made up of silver fish and a couple of Carp.


Perch are coming off most lakes up to 4lb.

Don’t forget Memberships are still available until the 20th Feb.

So get one and save on every visit with our discounted rates for members.


Well done to all anglers.


And until next time, tight lines and all.


Breaking News

Posted by Richard on January 20, 2015 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (0)

White Springs has always been one of, if not, the top fishery here in Wales.


In its Thirty Two year existence, it has gone from strength to strength. Always keeping ahead of its competitors and providing first class fishing on all levels, from a very competitive Match Angling League to Pleasure fishing for the day angler or to specimen hunters like myself who can regularly spend up to three nights or more, hoping to catch what could be a Welsh record Carp.


You only have to read the catch reports to tell how good these lakes are, or even, just speak to one of the many friendly anglers who frequent the establishment and they will all say the same thing. The fishery is managed by a team that strive to bring us the best.


The Specimen Lake over the last year has been stocked with over thirty four specimen Carp, with weights between 18 to 22lb of fast growing, hard fighting fish. The ones that have been caught are gaining weight with every capture as this lake continues to thrive as does its inhabitants.


Now for any other fishery that would be an excellent re-stocking policy for one lake, but no, not White Springs.


This fishery has to excel in excellence by bringing in another twelve carp with weights ranging from 27 to 34lb.


All the fish are genuine English Carp which have been acquired from the stock ponds of the much acclaimed Broad Oak syndicate water, an old estate lake on the Kent / Sussex border.


Such is the quality of these Carp that there is a very long waiting list for that particular syndicate.


And such is the prestige of these Carp, the syndicate operate a micro chipping scheme so that each fish they breed has its own identity to prove that they were bred from their much-admired stock of old English Carp.


The Carp that have been introduced to the Specimen Lake here at White Springs are believed to be from the Dink strain, given their massive shoulders and flawless markings. A strain that is renowned for its hard fighting Carp.


Naturally raised in the estate stock ponds, these Carp have never even seen a line, let alone a boilie.


So I am pleased to bring you these pictures for your own reference should you be lucky enough to have one of these beautiful specimens cross your net cord.




Memberships are still available for all lakes here at White Springs. Please contact the fishery for further details.


Thanks must go to Bethan and Jarrod for their endeavour to bring the Specimen Lake into a truly top Carp water, not only in Wales but to compete with any day ticket water throughout the country.


So to all specimen anglers, let the naming rights begin, as not one of these Carp have been fished for before and any angler that should be lucky enough to land one.


Start thinking what you could call one?

Until next time, tight lines and all

Winter League Results & Specimen Lake Captures

Posted by Richard on January 19, 2015 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (0)


Last week fishing was difficult with the extreme high winds. Bite indication was very hard to see, yet some anglers have done well considering the conditions.


On the Specimen Lake Graham Andrews from Carmarthen landed his first ever fish over 30lb, weighing in at 32.5lb; it’s another personal best for January.


While Craig Brown was back on peg 6a to land three high doubles.


Alan Price of Nash Tackle fished the Soil Shed landing a lovely 24lb mirror.


Martin Mathews fished peg 2 to land one of our new Silver, Grey Commons. These fish are now thriving in their new environment.


On the pleasure side it was the first week of the Winter League fishing on the Match Lake and the New Canal.


The results for the Match Lake were 1st John Harvey with 46.8lb and in first place on the New Canal was Lee Werritt with 28.4lb, while John Clement of Swansea won the silver fish match on the Pleasure Lake with 11.6lb, it was a hard start to the winter league.


Don’t forget memberships for 2015 are still available with free fishing for January members.


Well done to all anglers who have braved such treacherous conditions and until next time, tight lines and all.


Fishery News.

Posted by Richard on January 10, 2015 at 6:55 PM Comments comments (0)


It seems as Christmas has now long gone the weather is still very challenging with sunny mild days then frosty nights. The fish don’t know what to do, but when they come on the feed its good, especially for John Cooper on the Specimen Lake. He managed to catch five fish on a 24hrs session.


The pleasure anglers have been catching the most with Lee Edwards on the New Canal weighing in with 84lb 11oz with Ben Hicks getting 72lb 01oz.


While some Swansea boys who fished the Pleasure Lake for silver fish, had Alan Godrich who bagged 24lb.


2nd place was Dan Black with 22lb 01oz and close behind with more fish but smaller was Peter Williams with 20lb then Phil Lewis with 14lb.


While James Thomas on the New Canal got 37lb 05oz, on the next peg was Andrew Crocker with 36lb 13oz then Mark Goodhall from Pembroke Angling with 34lb 09oz, just one ounce away was John Charlesworth with 34lb 08oz What a close fought out match.


Don’t forget to join the fishery membership and get free fishing for January.


Well done to all anglers and until next time. Tight lines and all.


Late December News & Match Results

Posted by Richard on January 10, 2015 at 6:45 PM Comments comments (0)

As we are moving into a New Year 2015 memberships are now available with free fishing for all new members for the month of January so join and save.


Fishing has been up and down the last couple of weeks due to weather conditions but Craig Brown spent a couple of days over Christmas week on the Specimen Lake fishing off peg 6 to show everybody how to do it. He landed his new UK PB, a nice 34lb mirror.





Another nice fish to come out was Nails from peg 11 weighing 27lb 12oz and local boy Leighton Morris had a nice 20lb from peg 2.


On the pleasure side the Big Pit is doing ok with a few new fish of 17/18lb being caught.


On the match scene, last Sundays match was on the Match Lake. After a mix up with the draw Rob Jones finally drew peg 7, not a good peg he said but at the final weigh in Rob walked the field weighing in 71lb.


2nd was Sean Wilson with 48lb 2oz.


3rd Mikey Williams with 43lb 3oz.


Just goes to show, put a good angler on a slow peg and look what happens.


All the very best for 2015 from Bethan, Jarrod and all at White Springs.


Well done to all anglers and until next time. Tight lines and all.



Match Results and Fisery News.

Posted by Richard on December 21, 2014 at 7:55 AM Comments comments (0)


Despite the first cold snap of the winter I’m happy to report some truly excellent catches especially for the silver fish and Perch. Dan Bowen fished on the Pleasure Lake after a cold frosty start. The fishing then came on big time with him weighing in 79lb 8oz off peg 6.


While Alan Godrich was the other end on peg 15 after a late start. He weighed in 51lb 4oz.


Then Sunday, Swansea anglers had a silver fish match on the same lake with John Clement weighing in 25lb 4oz.


Very close behind was Peter Williams with 24lb 2oz and third was Phil Lewis with 20lb 4oz all silvers Excellent fishing for the time of year.


While Andrew Crocker on the Match Lake fishing off peg 7 got 46lb. Many of the other anglers are all looking to beat our best Perch of 5lb 4oz.


On the Specimen Lake the best fish reported was a 27lb 8oz mirror and also a 17lb new stockie has come off the Big Pit.

Don’t forget to book in for our Christmas Turkey competition on Sunday 21st December fishing the Match Lake and also our 2015 memberships are now available so join and save on every visit.


We would like to thank all our customers for their support through the year and to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.


Well done to all anglers and until next time, tight lines and all.


Match Results & Fishery Catch Reports.

Posted by Richard on December 9, 2014 at 11:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Despite the weather conditions being up and down, the fish are still feeding from around 11am to 4pm. The best baits are maggot or chopped worm to attract Perch and Bream.


The last match was on the Match Lake which started off slowly after having a cold night but Andrew Crocker led the field weighing in 42lb.


2nd place was Chris Wells with 32lb 8oz.


3rd was Alan Godrich with 31lb 3oz.


While the mid-week match was won by Jim Hart with 43lb.


2nd was John Charlesworth with 27lb 13oz.


On the Big Pit, Dan Jones got a nice Carp after only staying 2hrs, he was showing his young lad William Jones age 4 how to catch and hold a fish.


Also Sascha Dicks landed one of our new stockies off peg 12 Megs Corner.




It’s now that time of year to start thinking of next year’s memberships. By joining as a White Springs member, you can enjoy year round discounts on your fishing. Please contact the fishery for full details.


Please can all anglers please take their litter home with them or use the bins provided around the fishery.


Well done to all anglers and until next time, tight lines and all.


Latest Fishery News & Match Results.

Posted by Richard on November 28, 2014 at 6:25 PM Comments comments (0)


Not a bad week yet again with the fish coming back on the feed in the Specimen Lake.



Having taken a delivery of some Simo’s last week, they have stirred up our resident fish with anglers reporting catching.



Alan Price of Nash Tackle landed a 28lb mirror along with 2 others, while his mate John Cooper also got three fish off peg 11 using Nash Baits;


John Cooper 22lb 10 oz.




On the Big Pit we also stocked some nice 17lb Carp to give the anglers a nice boost.



The new canal has been good with Andrew Ford winning the last match with 52lb 8oz very closer behind was Andrew Crocker with 50lb 4oz.



While the mid-week match saw Alan Godrich get 45lb 8oz off the Big Pit. Anglers are now fishing for Perch on most lakes with reports of 3 ½ to 4 ½ lb fish coming out all in mint condition.



Well done to all anglers and until next time, tight lines and all.


Match & Other Competition Results.

Posted by Richard on November 18, 2014 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (0)


What a week it been with the weather turning wet and windy putting the fish off the feed, but with it still being mild, fish are coming out around midday.



Kevin and Clive got some nice Perch and Bream using Maggot.



Kevin’s best Perch being a 3lb 14oz with perfect Perch stripes, it was in mint condition from the Pleasure Lake.




While the mid-week match was also on the Pleasure Lake with Alan Godrich winning with a bag of 75lb 8oz.



2nd place was John Charlesworth with 46lb 4oz then Chris Bradley third with 41lb 10oz.



The Sunday match saw Andrew Neal on peg 14 of the Match Lake get 74lb with Mikey Wiliams coming 2nd with 51lb.



On the New Canal Martin Pagett of the Cwm Celyn club weighed in with 88lb.



Whilst on the Specimen Lake there was a weekend competition that started on Friday in very bad conditions that put the fish totally off the feed, the final result was only one fish being caught by Sascha Dicks to land £840 prize money, think the fish didn’t like the thunder and lighting.








Please can all anglers take their ltter home with them or use the bins situated around the fishery.

Well done to all anglers and until next time, tight lines and all.


News & Latest Offers on all Lakes

Posted by Richard on October 31, 2014 at 5:45 AM Comments comments (0)


First job this week is to say well done to Dick Brunton for winning Two weeks on the trot on the New Canal and the Big Pit.



He has sorted his approach to fishing White Springs.



Another angler to watch is Gordon Furlong fishing the Pirates Club group; He managed a bag of 78lb 6oz off the Match Lake last Wednesday while other anglers were finding things a little more difficult.



Fishing in general has slowed up with the colder nights coming in but the Bit Pit is still doing well in the deeper waters around pegs 9 to 27.



On the Specimen Lake Martin Mathews has started catching again after a dry couple of weeks, landing a nice 28lb 8oz Mirror and losing two others at the net, while an angler opposite on peg 6 got a 30lb Mirror.



It’s the time of year to that all of us here at White Springs like to say thank you for supporting us throughout the year.



So we have on an exclusive offer throughout November and December on Specimen Lake and Big Pit.



Week days Monday to Thursday we have an exclusive offer of 48hrs for the price of 24.



And on the Pleasure Lakes from Monday to Thursdays will be £5 per ticket.



Other offers we also have on are Maggots at 1999 prices, that’s £2 per pint.



Please can all anglers take their litter home or use the bins situated around the fishery.



Well done to all anglers and until next time, tight lines and all.


Annual November Specimen Carp Classic.

Posted by Richard on October 22, 2014 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (0)


After the success of last year’s competition.


An annual November competition is being held on the Specimen Lake here at White Springs on the weekend of the 5th to 7th November 2014.


Entry fee for competitors is £100.00.


With a first place prize for heaviest weight overall of £750.00 for the winner,


£250.00 for second place and


£100.00 for a third place finish.


Negotiations are ongoing with some major tackle manufactures for a biggest fish prize.


After the Welsh Carp Masters this is Wales’s second biggest Carp Tournament.


There are still five places remaining for this Classic Carp Match.


Contact the fishery for further details as places are now limited for this premiere event held on premiere Carp Lake.


We look forward to hearing from you.


Match Results and Latest News

Posted by Richard on October 22, 2014 at 4:20 AM Comments comments (0)


I’m back after two weeks break and Alan Godrich is on a winning streak fishing the New Canal to weigh in for 1st place 94lb 14oz.



2nd place was Lou Spinks with 67lb 12oz then Chris Bradley with 62lb on Sunday Martin Padgett from Aberglais got 75lb 14oz and close behind was Rob Jones of Neath with 72lb 8oz.



The Pleasure Lake has also been on form for Bream and some nice Roach, while some upper doubles have been coming off the Big Pit pegs 11-16 using Luncheon Meat and Sweetcorn.



For the month of November Maggots are on special offer at £2.50 per pint 2010 prices.



We still have a couple of places left for our carp competition weekend held on 7thto 9th November.



Please contact the fishery for details.



Well done to all anglers and until next time, tight lines and all


Welsh Carp Masters & Match Results

Posted by Richard on October 1, 2014 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (0)


The Welsh Carp Masters final was held on the Specimen Lake last weekend with ten pairs taking part.


It was a nail biting match with five pairs fighting it out till the end with only 50lb between them all.


The overall winners were Lee Baker and Mike Rowland with 103lb 4oz picking up £3200 for first place.



2nd place went to Ben Partridge and Chris Richards with 70lb 12oz.

Then there was a real battle between 3rd and 4th with only 3lb 6oz in it, with Paul Rose & Simon Harrison with 54lb 4oz eventually taking third.


There were 26 fish caught over all.


We would like to say thanks to the marshals Haydn Williams, Keith Brooks and Tony Jones for doing a great job.


On the Match & Pleasure Lakes, The One Last Catch Club were on the Match Lake doing very well.


1st was Dan Ewers 80lb 8oz.


2nd Milo Clarke with 76lb 3oz.


3rd Paul Ewers with 58lb 8oz.


Meanwhile our weekly match was on The New Canal with Rob Jones netting 108lb 6oz for first place.


2nd was Dick Brunton from Pembroke with 88lb 12oz.


3rd place was Lliw Spinks with 81lb 12oz.


Some nice fish have come out on the Big Pit and Pleasure Lake this week. The best being a 22lb Carp and 5lb 4oz Bream.


The fish are moving and feeding well on all lakes at present due to the very mild weather.


Please can all anglers remember to take your litter home with you or use the bins situated around the fishery.


Well done to all anglers and until next time, tight lines and all.


Match & Specimen News

Posted by Richard on September 28, 2014 at 9:10 AM Comments comments (0)


It’s been a good couple of weeks, with fine weather keeping the fish on the feed and up in the water. But some anglers have been frustrated.


Martin Mathews fishing the Specimen Lake on peg 8 lost a big fish after getting it up and close to netting it but the fish got off and everybody around the lake heard him shout just like 5 years ago when he landed a 44lb Carp.



Another angler to do well was Steve Thomas from Somerset fishing peg 7 The New Cabin using Coconut Cream 10m pop ups. He landed a nice 38lb 2oz Leather which was seen and witnessed by two other anglers at the time on pegs 6 and 6a.



On the pleasure side the Big Pit has also produced some nice fish best being a 24lb common and a 20lb mirror along with plenty of low doubles.



Lew Spinks fishing the Match Lake peg 26 using just his top 2 sections down the side to win the match with 74lb 12oz.



2nd was John Davies who has come back to match fishing after a spell specimen fishing got 57lb from peg 16.



3rd was Jim Hart on peg 11 with 50lb but very close behind was Jeff Horner with 49lb 14oz, while our veteran angler Allan Godrich DNW off peg 7 the fish did not like his Mussle bait this week.



This weekend sees the Welsh Carp Masters final on the Specimen Lake taking place with a couple of thousand pound for the winners. Good luck to all taking part.



Well done to all anglers and please could litter be taken home or placed in the bins provided.



Until next time, tight lines and all.


This Weeks Match News

Posted by Richard on September 13, 2014 at 4:50 AM Comments comments (0)


What a couple of good weeks; fish are on the feed, if you feed little but often you will have a wonderful day.



The Big Pit is on form with anglers reporting catching Carp in double figures in weight and numbers. The fish of the week was Tench of 3 3/4 lbs along with a Leather Carp of 32.6lbs for Peter Thorn on peg 6A after having moved off Peg 6 to finish his session.



Whilst a visiting angler set up on to Peg 6 to catch his personal best, a 26lb Mirror.



A group of eighteen anglers from Stoke had a couple of enjoyable days fishing on the Match Lake and New Canal.



Last week’s matches were on the New Canal, with Chris Wells getting 85lbs 12. for first place.



The Wednesday match was on the Big Pit with John Charlseworth getting 95 lbs 12. Alan Godridge on the Pleasure Lake had 96lbs but the angler to beat was John Hart with 111lbs; this shows you all the lakes are fishing well.


Tony Smith Memorial Charity Event & Match Results.

Posted by Richard on September 1, 2014 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (0)



Many thanks to all anglers who helped to make our Tony Smith Memorial charity weekend another huge success, raising £1750 to date for children’s Cancer and Cystic Fibrosis charities.





The event was held on the Specimen Lake and the winner of the competition for the biggest bag was Brian Hodder of Bristol with 37lb. Brian received £100 for first place.





2nd place and also the biggest fish prize went to junior angler Jamie Davies with a 24lb mirror winning £75.







3rd place was Johnathan Lewis with 33lb 11oz.





Eleven fish were landed in total with nothing big coming out at the event, but as usual with the Specimen Lake on the Monday after the event a junior angler came into peg 6a and landed a nice 27lb mirror in half hour of setting up.



I would again like to thank all those who supported the charity event.



On the Pleasure side, The New Canal is doing the business with Dan Bowen on peg 29 weighing in 167lb 10oz.



2nd place on peg 3 was Alan Godritch who got 118lb.



3rd on peg 15 Chris Bradley with 105lb.



The fish are feeding well on all lakes at present.



Last Sundays match on the Match Lake was again good with Alan Godrich on peg 14 weighing in 130lb 8oz.



2nd Jeff Horner from Pembroke with 112lb.



The Pleasure Lake is fishing very well for Silver Bream to 4/5lb along with some nice Roach while the pit is on form for Carp in and around the 9lb/12lb mark.



Well done to all anglers and until next time, tight lines and all.



Record Breaking Match News & Upcoming Events.

Posted by Richard on August 6, 2014 at 1:00 PM Comments comments (0)



What a week. Fish are everywhere with fishery records being broken.



Jim Hart after coming back to fishing after a couple of years off fished the mid-week Wednesday match that was held on the Match Lake.



He drew peg 14 and fished chopped Worm over pellet to land a new lake record of 163lb 12oz.



2nd was Chris Bradley on peg 22 who got 105lb 12oz then another new comer was George Woodhead from Tenby who got 75lb 8oz to finish third.



The weekend match was held on the New Canal with Lew Spinks winning with 73lb 12oz. Joint second was Jeff Horner and Dick Brunton both from Pembroke Dock got 69lb each, with Alan Godrich coming 4th after losing a few nice fish at the net. He managed 67lb 8oz.



All other lakes are fishing very well.



Anglers are reporting catching lots of fish, but due to a keep net ban in place due to the hot weather. Anglers are unable to record there weights.



This last week we have stepped up our bailiffing of all lakes to check anglers are using the right tackle. The results have been disappointing with people not using the correct tackle for coarse fishing.



We have an on site tackle shop with everything you require available to buy or hire.



This week is our annual fund raising week, where we collect for children’s Cancer Hospital and Cystic Fibrosis. The Tony Smith Memorial Match will be held on the Specimen Lake with a raffle and Saturday afternoon BBQ, There are still two places left for anyone interested.



Well done to all anglers and until next time, tight lines and all.

Carp Masters & Match Results.

Posted by Richard on July 28, 2014 at 8:15 AM Comments comments (0)




After a hot week with temperatures in the upper 20’s, the fish are feeding well, early mornings and late afternoons and with the mid-day times, you will see the fish moving around, but a little slower to hook.




Last Wednesday’s match for the senior anglers was on the Pleasure Lake with George from Kilgetty getting 104lb 5oz.




2nd was Alan Godrich with 98lb 4oz .



3rd place was John Charlesworth with 95lb 6oz.




They were catching well on pellet and maggot.




While the Sunday match was on the Canal part of the Big Pit with Peter Williams of Swansea getting 83lb 12oz.




2nd place was Paul Davies with 63lb 6oz and trailing close behind in third place Alan Godrich with 53lb 9oz.




Weekend before last saw the Welsh Carp Masters qualifiers held on the Specimen Lake with 10 pairs of anglers travelling from all over the country.




There were Twenty Six fish caught in total.




The winning pair was John Flewin and Ethan Thomas, fishing off the Island Swim to catch nine fish using Innovate baits.




2nd place went to John Cooper and Dafydd Gould on peg 10, The Trees to land four fish for 78lb 14oz using Pro Bait.




We would like to thank the Marshals for doing a good job in the organisation of the event.




I myself have had the first chance in five months to get in a few sessions on the Specimen Lake. Managing to land one fish and losing Three.




But what I must say is the amount of work that has been done on all the lakes.






Jarrod and Gavin have been working tirelessly and the results are fantastic. All the Islands on the lakes have been cut back and they look great.






The highlight of my two sessions in the summer sun was to catch a glimpse of the big orange Koi that can be sometimes seen cruising through the lily beds.









Last weighed some ten years ago when the lake was partially emptied, the weight then was 24lb and judging by these pictures I think we could be looking at a 30 lb fish which is still to be caught and named.




Mid July Report & Match Results

Posted by Richard on July 15, 2014 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (0)



It’s been an up and down week at White Springs with the week starting warm and dry with not so many fish coming out, but as the weather cooled and the rain came, the fish came on the feed.


The mid-week match on the New Canal saw Jim Hart on peg 28 win the match with 53lb



2nd was John Charlesworth with 47lb 5oz off peg 5.



3rd was Alan Godrich with 43lb 8oz off peg 24.



On the Pleasure Lake local young angler Camron Lake caught several mid doubles.



The Big Pit has also been fishing well with reports of some good bags of double figure Carp being caught off the top.



The Sunday match was on the New Canal 1st place was Ron Gibbs with 86lb 12oz of peg 27.



2nd was Jeff Horner with 78lb 12oz.



3rd was Chris Hall with 66lb.



On the Specimen Lake Marcus Jones from Britton Ferry fished Megs Corner for 24hrs to land three fish, the best being a 24lb mirror, all were caught on pop ups.



Another angler to do well was Rob Mills of Cwm landing three fish, his best being a 25lb mirror. All his fish were caught on the bottom.



Junior angler Dylan Jones fished the Island swim for a mid-week session landing seven fish to 20lb and finally Stewart Sparks of Neath landed three fish to 19lb off the new peg 8a.



Just to remind everyone the Specimen Lake is closed this weekend due to the Welsh Carp Masters qualifier being held on there.



All other lakes will be open as normal with the Big Pit providing excellent sport for the Carp as an alternative to the Specimen Lake.



Well done to all anglers and until next time, tight lines and all.



Record Breaking Match News and Other Reports

Posted by Richard on July 13, 2014 at 5:00 AM Comments comments (0)


What a week Alan Godrich has had after coming second on the last couple of matches.



He, after years of match fishing, has finally cracked White Springs. Not only winning the last two matches but taking the match record on the Match Lake with 158lb off peg 20.



Fishing just 4/5meters out using soft hook pellet and feeding 4mm pellet to get a match winning bag of F1 Carp and some nice Bream.



Then again on Sunday off peg 14 fishing a different tactic, this time using the method to the island and lily pads he managed to get 133lb 2oz.



Another angler to do well was Paul Davies with 114lb, then Dick Brenton with 75lb 12oz and very close behind was Jim Hutton with 75lb 8oz.



While on the New Canal Ian Exall weighed in 106lb 01oz.



2nd was Nigel Morris with 68lb 4oz and close behind was Mike Yandle with 63lb 3oz.


The fish are now feeding very well on all lakes.



The Big Pit is also doing well with anglers reporting some good catches of Carp around the 10lb and up mark.



At present, please remember there is still a keep net ban due to the warm weather conditions.



The Specimen Lake has been busy but fish are coming out, with Martin from Caerphilly landing a nice 32lb12oz Mirror along with 3 other fish off peg 4.



While Gail Walters on peg 3a also got Three nice Carp the best being a 26lb Mirror and another angler was Clive Becket fishing for Specimen Bream using prawn hooked and landed a nice 26lb carp while other carp anglers looked on.



Please can we also remind you that there are still just a few places left for our annual Tony Smith Memorial Charity Event on the weekend of August 8th.



Please contact the fishery for details and your sponsorship forms.



Also can I remind anglers to take their litter home or use the bins provided around the lakes.



Well done to all anglers and until next time, tight lines and all.



  • "Have just spent an absolutely beautiful weekend in one of the cabins.Husband enjoyed great fishing. The owners are delightful people. Thanks alot Karen"
    Karen Peers
  • "it has been a blinder of a year here at White Springs Fair play! Everyone is very good down there and you just gotta love the place, its great to meet the colourful charactors t..."
    Lee Calford
    Specimen Angler
  • "Must have been very lucky last week in April for me, my wife and our two dogs (king Charles spaniels). Had the best weather of the year so far, an outstanding log cabin and fish..."
    Great weather


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