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Recent Catch Reports & Match Results.

Posted by Richard on July 28, 2015 at 2:20 PM Comments comments (0)


It’s been another good week here at the fishery, with the temperature dropping and the rain coming down in showers, the fish are on the feed.


The mid week match was fished on the Pleasure Lake.


In first place was Allan Goodrich with 96.2lb. 2nd was Jim Hutton with 54.4lb.


The open match on Sunday was fished on the New Canal.


1st place was Chris Hall with 84.12lb.


2nd place was Allan Goodrich with 81.12lb.

3rd was Mick Halligan with 49.14lb.


The bailiffs have reported some good catches on the Big Pit with a lot of upper double figure Carp being caught.


Luke Stoneman's photo.




On the Specimen Lake, the Mayer brothers fished peg 10 and 11 landing 19 fish between them.


Gareth also landed a fish he thought to be above the 35lb mark, but as he went to transfer it into his retaining sling it managed to get away.


Another angler to do well was Dai Pritchard who managed two fish from peg 2, the best being a fish known as the Turk which was down in weight at 28lb due too being spawned out.


David Pritchard's photo.




Another angler to do well was Peter Davies who fished peg 11 to land a fish known as Whiskers at 31.4lb.


Don’t forget there are still plenty of spaces left on the Match Lakes for the children’s Cancer and Cystic Fibrosis charity matches on the 15th & 16th of August.

Callum Morgan's photo.



Well done to all anglers and until next time, tight lines and all.


Late July News & Catch Reports.

Posted by Richard on July 22, 2015 at 2:25 AM Comments comments (0)


It’s been another good week here at the fishery, with some good weights coming out of the Pleasure Lakes.


The mid-week match was on the Match Lake, and yet again Allan Goddritch has continued his good form bagging up 91.8lb taking 1st place in 2nd place was Dan Bowen with 75.4lb and in 3rd was Jim Heart with 60lb.


The White Springs open Match this Sunday was on the New Canal with Allan Goddritch taking 1st place again with 72.8lb in 2nd place was Jim Heart with 49.12 and in 3rd was Collin Rees with 49.6lb.


The South Wales Summer League was fished on the Match Lake and the Pleasure Lake.


On the Match Lake there was a joint 1st place with Mikey Williams and Giles Cochrane both with 88.6lb. And 2nd was Adam Jones with 85.8lb.


On the Pleasure Lake Shaun Wilson was 1st with 101.2lb, 2nd 70.4lb and in 3rd was Phil Weaver with 63.8lb.


On the Specimen Lake the Welsh Carp championships were fished, the fishery would like to say congratulations to Craig Brown and Ashley Hopkins who where 1st with 72.14lb and 2nd was Harry Wakeling and Tucker with 65.2lb, we would like to wish these boys the best of luck in the final.


Some of the fish that came out during the Welsh carp Championship Semi Final.






Well done to all anglers and until next time, tight lines.

Mid July Match & Catch Reports

Posted by Richard on July 22, 2015 at 2:25 AM Comments comments (0)

It’s been a brilliant week here at the fishery, with the temperature dropping and heavy showers, sending the fish into a big feed after they have finally finished spawning. On Sunday Cwm Celin fished their match on the Match Lake with Adrian Mann winning with 46.4lb.

On the New Canal Glamorgan fished their match with Giddy coming in

1st with 63.1

2nd was C Giddy with 53.12.

The White springs match was on the Big Pit with Allan Godrich winning with 46.6lb.


The mid-week match was on the New Canal with Dan Bowen winning with 73.4lb


2nd place was Allan Godrich with 60lb.


On the Pleasure Lake Andy Williams from London has caught some cracking double figure Carp fishing small pink pop-ups over a hand full of hemp in the margins.


On the Specimen Lake angler of the week was Simon Neale of Swansea, fishing peg 6 landed thirteen fish with four of them being over 20lb, the best being a 27lb common, all of Simon’s fish came off Lammos baits.





Another angler to do well was John Roach of Liverpool fishing peg 2 landing four fish, the best being a 26lb Grass Carp.


Also to do well was Will and his mates who fished peg 10 and 11 for four nights landing seventeen fish between them.


The best being a 29.3lb Mirror.


Also a reminder that the Specimen Lake will be closed from Thursday evening this week due to the Welsh Carp championships being on.


Well done to all anglers and until next time, tight lines and all.


Early July News & Record Breaking Match News.

Posted by Richard on July 8, 2015 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (0)



After last week, things have got even better with lake records being broken.


There is no stopping Alan Goddrich after claiming his 2nd win in a row.



Last week on the Match Lake with 96lb 10oz and this week on the Canal side of the Big Pit with 137lb 10oz.



While Mike Yandle of Sir Howy fishing club, fishing the New Canal got 117lb 4oz.



But the best of the week was Ryan Thomas of Cefn Forest fishing club. Who was fishing the Match Lake.



He broke the lakes record off peg 8 with 181lb 8oz fishing just in front and down the sides but feeding every cast and often. Second on the Match Lake was Simon Jones Peg 21 with 87lb 13oz, close behind was Lynne Jones Peg 11 with 85lb 14oz all good weights.



On the Specimen Lake Steve Hutchings peg 3a landed a nice 28lb 13oz Common.



Deryn Preece peg 10 also got a nice 30lb Common; plenty of nice fish around the 20-28lb mark have been reported.



The Big Pit is also on form with some nice catches being reported.



Don’t forget our cancer charity weekend is coming up, if you want to fish and help raise money for a good cause get in touch at the fishery.



Some nice Carp caught on the Specimen Lake over the past few days.



Jason Hoare's photo.



Sonny Lee's photo.



John Flewin's photo.



Well done to all anglers and until next time, tight lines and all.

End of JuneNews & Match Results

Posted by Richard on July 8, 2015 at 12:55 PM Comments comments (0)


Another good week especially for anglers fishing The New Canal. Anglers have reported catching some nice Crucian Carp on there. The Crucian were bright Golden Yellow in colour, but the best fish of the week went to Clive Beckett catching a 3lb 4oz Roach. Clive was made up and very pleased.



The Big Pit has also been on form for Carp around the 10lb mark and some nice Bream slabs.



The midweek match held on the Match Lake was won by Alan Goddrich with 96lb 10oz, second place was Chris Bradley on peg 2 with 80lb 14oz then Lliw Spinks on peg 7 with 65lb 12oz.


The Sunday match on the New Canal was after a night of heavy rain making it a little harder. Yet Colin Rees of Merthyr still managed to land 65lb 2oz, Russell Palmer of Cardiff had 61lb 8oz and third place went to Richard Brunton of Pembroke Dock with 57lb 14oz. Bream seemed to be the fish to catch.



On the Specimen Lake Martin Mathews from Carmarthen seemed to be doing well catching CTC at 34lb 3oz along with another Three fish off the Island peg.



While a visiting angler on pegs 11 & 11a also got a 30lb common.



Michael Macnamara from Pembroke on peg 2 caught three fish, his best being a 27lb Common.




Steve Hutchins on peg 3a also caught a 28lb 13oz Common and Kevin Kendall on peg 10 also caught four fish, his best being a 25lb Common.


Fish have been back on the feed on most pegs and most bait. It has been another good week.



For the next few weeks keep nets are not allowed unless in a match.



Well done to all anglers and until next time tight lines and all.


Mid June Reports & Match Results.

Posted by Richard on June 23, 2015 at 1:15 PM Comments comments (0)


The warmer weather has arrived making the fish come up in the water and go on the feed, making it the best time for catching off the surface.

The Big Pit is on form especially for the better sized Carp of mid doubles.


While the Pleasure Lake is fishing really well for mixed bags of fish.



Alan Godrich done it again on Wednesday’s match, weighing in with a bag of 52lb 4oz.


But the angler of the week was Mick Halligan from Pembroke Dock fishing on peg 7 of The

Match Lake weighing in with 113lb 2oz.


While the mid-week evening match fishing from 6pm to 9pm was won by Andrew Neal with 75lb 8oz. on the New Canal.


Yet the place to be was pegs 6 and 12 on the Specimen Lake.


Visiting angler Jeff Wills fishing off peg 6 caught eight fish all over the 20lb mark, his best being 28lb 8oz mirror.


While Dan Light on peg 12 Megs Corner also got eight fish, his best being 31lb 9oz.



Steve Jenkins also caught a 31lb 6oz from peg eight A.



While his mate Ian Lowe on the same peg got a nice 19lb mirror in mint condition goes to show the warmer weather has brought fish up in the water and on the feed.


Other fish caught on the specimen Lake over the past few weeks.


Ian Davies Off Peg 8a. 25lb 10 oz


Ian Davies's photo.


Well done to baliff John Flewin. Beautiful Old looking mirror who loves the colour pink.


John Flewin's photo.


A 25lb 9 mirror caught 24th May by Ian Houston.


Ian Houston's photo.


And Anthony James with a cracking 20lb 8 0z Common.


Anthony James's photo.


Please can all anglers take their litter home or use the bins provided around the fishery thanks.


Well done to all anglers and until next time, tight lines and all.

Late May & Early June News & Match Results.

Posted by Richard on June 10, 2015 at 2:45 PM Comments comments (1)


The Specimen Lake has been on fire with anglers reporting some nice catches. A group of nine anglers from Oxford fished their annual Mark Houston memorial week on the Specimen Lake. Pegs thirteen to five had a brilliant week catching 39 fish.


Don Houston had four fish, his best being CTC at 33lb 8oz.


Darren Valentine landed nine fish, his best being The Turk at 31lb 4oz then Jamie Houston managing a new PB, a 29lb mirror.



Other anglers were Callum Morgan who managed another PB with CTC’s Cousin at 29lb 6oz, and then as he was packing away he got another PB with 29lb 12oz Mirror off peg 6a.



On the Big Pit anglers have been doing well with Carp to high doubles having been reported.


Wayne Evans did well catching eight Carp all over the 12lb mark. His best being a 19lb 6oz common using the old favourite Luncheon Meat.


On the Match lakes, last week saw the first of the summer evening matches taking place on Wednesdays, anglers were fishing from 6pm to 9pm with some good results.


1st was Mikey Williams on peg 7 who bagged 109lb 13oz.


2nd was Andrew Crocker on peg 21 with 103lb 10oz.


While Sunday’s match on the Match Lake saw Dick Brunton from Pembroke win his first match here at White Springs with 120lb 5oz.


2nd was Adam Morris with 102lb 4oz.


Goes to show the fish are on the feed.


Perch are still showing with Clive Beckett getting a nice 4lb 3oz off the Pleasure Lake using red maggots.


Other fish caught here on the Specimen Lake and Big Pit.

Russell Williams's photo.


Callum Morgan's photo.



Daniel Ford's photo.

Well done to all anglers and until next time, tight lines and all.


Mid May Match Results & Other Catch Reports.

Posted by Richard on May 19, 2015 at 2:25 PM Comments comments (0)



It’s been unseasonably cold, quite a few windy days but the anglers that braved the conditions have been rewarded with some good catches.



The mid-week match held on the Old Canal was too windy to fish to the centre islands so anglers fished down the track along the margins to get some nice sport.



Alan Godrich using paste got 44lb 7oz while Jim Hart fishing the same method was close behind with 43lb 2oz. Their catches were made up of silvers and nice Roach.



The Sunday match on the New Canal was better with Lew Spinks getting 82lb for first place.



2nd place was John Charlesworth with 60lb 8oz then Jeff Horner from Pembroke with 55lb 12oz.



While The One Last Cast club match was held on the Match Lake with Mike Dempsey getting 83lb 8oz.


On the Specimen Lake Marcus Stephens on peg one landed three fish, his best being a 29lb 6oz mirror, while Jamie Ryan on Megs also got three fish, his best being a 26lb 5oz.



Dates to remember are the Tony Smith cancer weekend raising monies for children’s cancer and Cystic Fibrosis.



There will also be a match on Saturday on the Match Lake and on Sunday on the New Canal for the same charity. These places are bookings only.



The weekend on the Specimen Lake is already full, but there is a reserve list. Further details can be obtained at the fishery.


Here are a few of the fish to come out of the Specimen lake over the past week.

Dylan Jones's photo.


John Cooper's photo.

Leyton Morris's photo.


Thomas Whithouse's photo.

Chris Chico Verren's photo.


Well done to all anglers and until next time,

Tight lines and all.




Early May Catch Reports.

Posted by Richard on May 7, 2015 at 8:40 AM Comments comments (0)

The Specimen Lake has been struggling this last week due mainly to the weather going cold and windy, especially at night.

Mathew Jenkins fished Megs Corner to land four fish, his best being CTC’S Cousin at 28lb 3oz.

Another angler Anthony James fished peg 2 after losing five fish on the bounce ended up landing just the one fish at 21.3lb

The Big Pit has been fair with Carp to around the 18/20lb mark being reported along with some nice Bream, but Dave Thomas on peg 4 caught two Tench of 3/4lb in a mint Green colour.

On the match scene the mid-week match saw anglers battling it out on the Pleasure Lake.

Alan Godrich came first with 44lb 8oz he does really well when targeting the silvers.

2nd was Jim Hart with 43lb 12oz.

On Sunday on the New Canal, John Charlesworth got 68lb 10oz.

Second again was Jim Hart with 46lb 6oz.

Brian Protheroe from Merthyr did really well when he got 64lb 14oz on the Match Lake disabled peg no.14.

The lakes are starting to come alive with every angler catching on most occasions.

It has come to that time of the year again and the fishery is now taking bookings for our annual charity event on the Specimen Lake.

The Tony Smith Memorial will be held from August 14th to the 17th and places are being snapped up very quickly. There is a reserve list for anglers that may be unable to make it. More info can be obtained by contacting the fishery.

This year all the match anglers are also holding a charity match and details can be found on facebook or at the fishery.

Well done to all anglers and until next time, tight lines and all.

Bethan Lloyd's photo.

End Of April Catch Reports & Match Results.

Posted by Richard on May 7, 2015 at 8:10 AM Comments comments (0)

What a week it’s been, especially for Mark Wozencroft fishing the Specimen Lake on the peg 7 cabin. He caught a new 30lb Common weighing in at 30lb 11oz. He has named it Alfie, but then he also caught a 25lb 12oz Mirror put it back in the lake only to catch it again ten minutes later off the same rod.

Bethan Lloyd's photo.

Mark 'wuzy' Wozencroft carp angler's photo.

He then went on to land yet another 30 named Whiskers at 31lb 2oz. Mark landed seven fish in total during his session.

Another angler to do well was Martin Mathews from Carmarthen. Martin was fishing the Island peg and he managed four fish, his best being a 33lb mirror named CTC (Colin the Carp) using White Springs boilies over a bed of method mix and pellet.

Rob Jones was another angler to do well. He fished peg 8 our redesigned peg with it’s new cabin and he landed a 31lb 4oz Mirror.

On the pleasure side the New Canal and Match Lake are on form with anglers reporting over a hundred pound weights.

Brian Bevan who fished the New Canal off peg 31 weighed in 106lb.

The mid-week match was on the New Canal with James Thomas fishing peg 5 weighing in with 118lb.

While Sundays match on the Match Lake was close with Alan Morris bagging 65lb 15oz.

2nd Dick Brunton from Pembroke with 62lb 14oz and close behind was Jim Hart with 60lb 4oz, excellent fishing.

Don’t forget we have now banned the use of braid main line on all lakes.

Well done to all anglers and until next time, tight lines and all.

Mid April Match & Catch Reports.

Posted by Richard on April 27, 2015 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (0)


Another record week for big fish with Lee Calford from Trimsaran fishing with his son on our newly designed peg 8 cabin.



He was fishing to the old point peg and he landed three fish, all over the magical 30lb weight.



First was Whiskers at 31lb 6oz,





2nd was Scarface at 30lb 4oz.





and 3rd was the Turk at 31lb.





Lee was using his trusty Barton baits to make his weekend here at White Springs beating a record of 3yrs ago when two fish over the 30lb weight were caught by one angler.



Another angler was Steve Edwards who landed a 30lb 2oz common off peg 10 using Nash coconut cream.



Another good angler to do well was Tony Wale on Match Lake fishing peg 18 to weigh in with 165lb He was fishing maggot down the side.



While the mid-week match for seniors anglers was on the Pit Canal with Alan Goodrich on peg five getting 44lb 8oz, close behind was Jim Hart with 43lb 12oz but the fish came more on the feed for Sundays matches with Cefn Forest anglers on the New Canal, results were.



1st Howard Stocker getting77lb 12oz.



2nd Lyn Jones with 66lb 5oz.



While the Pit Canal, Chris Wells on peg 31 got 51lb 10oz.



Yet the best weights came off the Match Lake with the Sir Howy anglers doing very well.



1st Andrew Crocker with 98lb 8oz.



2nd Steve Shaw with 83lb 12oz.



Then Mike Yandel with 82lb 12oz and Bob Giles close behind with 79lb 12oz.




Last Sunday saw another record here at the fishery with 107 anglers visiting us on all our lakes.



Well done to all anglers and until next time.



Tight line and all.

Latest Reports From All Lakes.

Posted by Richard on April 17, 2015 at 7:55 AM Comments comments (0)



Spring sessions can be trying but the last couple of weeks the fishing has greatly improved with some nice fish coming out of the Specimen Lake. Four fish over the magical 30lb mark have come out over the past week.


Steve Edwards fishing peg 10 landed Six fish with his best being a 30lb 1oz a new PB, while on pegs 7, 6, 4, 2, anglers have reported that the fishing has been excellent.


Yet the lake to be on has been the Big Pit with Carp to mid-double weights.


Last weeks mid-week Wednesday match was on the Big Pit with John Charlesworth returning after his bad weekend to win with 88lb 6oz. 2nd was Adam Morris with 83lb.


The Sunday match was on the New Canal which saw James Thomas bag 78lb 6oz and John Charlesworth came 2nd with 73lb 4oz 3rd was Andy Neal of Freenze Bait with 67lb 8oz.


Fish have started to feed on the Pleasure Lake with reports of Bream to 5lb while other anglers have reported more 4lb+ Perch along with a couple of 3 to 4lb Tench.


Don’t forget you need a landing net and unhooking mat to fish at White Springs all of which can be purchased in our fishery tackle shop.


Well done to all anglers and until next time tight lines and all.


End of March Match Results & Other Catches.

Posted by Richard on March 30, 2015 at 8:00 AM Comments comments (0)



We are now coming out of the Winter months and into spring.


Having had a couple of good months since Christmas especially on the Specimen Lake.

And after finally removing the last of the old posts and stakes around the lake fish have been stirred up with Sparky John Davies fishing peg 10 on a 48hr session got three fish with a new PB at 30lb 2oz.


While another angler to do well after a couple of near misses landed three fish again his PB being a 32lb 10oz was Jinx Neil Jenkins.






Dave Thomas on holiday from the West Country fishing peg 1 the Old Cabin landed a stunning 31lb 5oz using pop ups.





While anglers on the Big Pit are also getting some good sport with fish between 10 – 20lb being landed on most areas of the lake using White Springs boilies along with sweetcorn and feeding 8mm pellets.


The Pleasure Lake has also woken up with Alan Godrich weighing in 62lb 8oz, mostly catching silvers and Perch.


The Winter league match on the New Canal and Match Lake went well with Danny Baker leading the field with 85lb 5oz on the Match Lake 2nd was Mikey Williams on the New Canal with 73lb 14oz then came James Thomas with 67lb 3oz.


Mark Jones of Tredegar angling shop was next with 60lb.


With these weights it was a close fought match just one or two fish separating the top six anglers, the fish are sure waking up now.


Well done to all anglers and until next time. Tight lines and all.


Match & Ctach Reports.

Posted by Richard on March 30, 2015 at 7:50 AM Comments comments (0)

It’s been a funny Winter so far with some warm days and others blowing a gale with cold winds coming from North East, yet we’ve had some good sport, especially on the Specimen Lake and Big Pit waters.


This winter’s stocking has made a big difference with the resident stock more active and feeding well. The fish have been landed by the anglers that feeding the lake using mixed sizes of pellet 4mm up to 10mm along with sweetcorn and hemp then fishing with a pop up on the hook to keep your bait up off the bottom.


Anglers have been rewarded with some nice fish John Cooper fished a 24hr mid-week session after work on peg 2 to land cut tail at 32lb 8oz then another night on Thursday on cabin 11 to land Hob Nob at 34lb 6oz.



Another angler doing well is Steve Maddock who fished on the Old Cabin caught his PB. A new stockie at 31lb 6oz and named it Whiskers along with a nice 21lb 8oz.


On the Big Pit it’s been the same tactics with Carp being reported to 21lb.


Clive Beckett and Kevin fishing for silvers and Perch have done well with Perch to 3 ½ lb and some nice Bream.


Results from the Sunday match on the Old Canal John Charlesworth 29lb 4oz 2nd Chris Bradley 19lb 4oz 3rd Alan Godrich with 18lb 5oz and Jim Hart with 18lb 4oz.

Well done to all anglers.


Specimen Catches and Match Results.

Posted by Richard on March 13, 2015 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (0)


After a slow start for the week, things got much better with Spooner catching a 4lb plus Perch along with three others between 2 ½ to 3 ½ lb each off the Pleasure. Lake.



Jim Hart weighed in 47lb of silvers in the mid-week match on the Match Lake.



Tony Wale had a good day after getting Red Maggots to land Twelve Carp averaging the 4lb mark on the New Canal. Aberglais Club had a good day with Colin Rees weighing in 47lb 8oz.


While Ryan Drummer on the Match Lake got 74lb 6o from the Sunday’s match.



But the lake to be on last week was the Specimen Lake with John Cooper during an evening session off peg 3 landed Graeme’s cut tail at 32lb 8oz using Nash 4g Squid frozen boilies.




Last weekend John Flewing from the Catch & Release website and other anglers from the website having a bit of a social to land 18 fish in total.



Two were over the 30lb mark.



Ethan Thomas caught one of the new fish 30lb 12oz and has called it Scarface.




While on peg 7 Steve Allsopp had a new PB catching The Turk at 32lb 4oz.


Stephen Maddick returned for another 48hr session off peg 1, the Old Cabin to get a new PB, a lovely 31lb 6oz. It was one the new fish, so Stephen named it Whiskas. He also had a nice 21lb 8oz mirror.



Well done to all anglers and until next time, tight lines and all.




Catch Reports from 4th March

Posted by Richard on March 13, 2015 at 7:25 PM Comments comments (0)

After a couple of good weeks for fish coming out of the Specimen Lake. They have slowed up last week but some anglers are still doing well like Darren Gravell landing two fish, his best being a stunning 34lb 2oz Common named Hobnob.





While Thomas Samual got three fish, his best being a 29lb 4oz Common.

Alan Price of Nash Tackle and Bait took a couple of days off to land four fish. His best a 24lb mirror. Also Martin Mathews got four fish off peg 11a.




The Big Pit is also producing some nice fish up to the 19/20lb mark along with some nice Perch of 3 ½ lb

The Match Lake and Pleasure Lakes are proving good for bream, but a couple of tench around the 3lb mark has been reported.


Late February Catch Results & Match News.

Posted by Richard on March 3, 2015 at 6:50 PM Comments comments (0)


Despite there being no results posted over the last couple of weeks due to illness, the lakes have been fishing very well, especially the Specimen Lake and The Big Pit with three fish over the 30lb mark having been reported.

Chris Clarke fishing the Island swim on his second visit to our Specimen Lake managed to land four fish, his best a 32lb 4oz Mirror called The Turk, while Anthony Wilson fishing off cabin 9 beat his P.B with a beautiful 28lb 12oz Common.




Anthony Wilson also landed this cracking Common at 28lb 14oz.




Another angler was Chris Poole on peg 8 who landed three carp, a 22lb 3oz, 23lb 6oz and a very nice 31lb 02oz Mirror.

Harry Wakelin did 48hrs on the Island to land four Carp, his best being a 26lb 8oz Common, while Hywel Jones landed nine fish having found a shoal just off the Island on peg 6, all around the 18 to 21lb mark.

While John Flewing on peg 6a netted a 28lb 14oz Common, shows bigger fish seem to be more loners than in shoals.


Also over last weekend Anthony an angler from Port Talbot landed a lovely Mirror at 22lb 4 0z to beat his old 17lb personal best by just over 5lb.



The Big Pit has also been quite good for Carp and Bream.


Visiting anglers down from Birmingham staying in the Scandinavian log cabins fished for Perch and were rewarded with a couple of 4 ½ lb fish. A great result for them.


On the match side, the winter leagues last match was on the New Canal and Match Lake.


Results from the Match Lake were.


1st Rob Jones with 52lb 12oz.


2nd Ian Exall 43lb 10oz.


3rd Wes Sheldon 33lb 5oz.


On the New Canal.


1st Andrew Crocker with 72lb 12oz.


2nd was Mark Jones with 50lb 6oz.


3rd Nigel Morris with 47lb 12oz.


Excellent weights for the conditions on the day.


I would also like to bring to all anglers attention that while maintenance work was being carried out on the Specimen Lake a number of death rigs have been found, culminating with an angler landing a Carp while still tethered to a cracked off lead core.


Due to this total lack of fish care, the staff here at White Springs have increased its number of bailiffs with John Flewin now joining John Cooper as part of the bailiffing team.


Anglers on the Specimen and Big Pit lakes will be approached as regular checks will be carried out on the condition of angler’s rigs. This has to be done to ensure the welfare of the Carp in both lakes.


Well done to all anglers on their catches and until next time, tight lines and all.



Match & Catch Results / Reports.

Posted by Richard on February 10, 2015 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Martin Mathews from Carmarthen is no stranger to White Springs, enjoying his winter fishing. you have to think before you cast out to where the fish are holding up as they are not feeding every day in the colder weather, but he has been rewarded with one of our new fish 26lb from peg 2, yet he lost a much bigger one as the other anglers around the lake heard his calls of disbelief.


Another angler to do well was Kristian Jenkins from Llanelli on cabin 7. He landed a 29lb 5oz Common on Nash Coconut Crème pop ups, a few more ounce’s and someone will be able to name it.


While anglers on The Big Pit are also picking up fish that are new to them, with a few of our newer 17/18lb’s being reported.


The pleasure side has also been a little slower but fishing for silvers has been fair with anglers saying fish down the tracks, in other words down the sides, using maggot or chopped worm seems to be working.

Last week ends matches were on the New Canal with Ben Hicks doing it with 48lb 10oz.


While Wes Sleldon on the Match Lake got 25lb 8oz and very close behind was Andrew Neal with 25lb made up of silver fish and a couple of Carp.


Perch are coming off most lakes up to 4lb.

Don’t forget Memberships are still available until the 20th Feb.

So get one and save on every visit with our discounted rates for members.


Well done to all anglers.


And until next time, tight lines and all.


Breaking News

Posted by Richard on January 20, 2015 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (0)

White Springs has always been one of, if not, the top fishery here in Wales.


In its Thirty Two year existence, it has gone from strength to strength. Always keeping ahead of its competitors and providing first class fishing on all levels, from a very competitive Match Angling League to Pleasure fishing for the day angler or to specimen hunters like myself who can regularly spend up to three nights or more, hoping to catch what could be a Welsh record Carp.


You only have to read the catch reports to tell how good these lakes are, or even, just speak to one of the many friendly anglers who frequent the establishment and they will all say the same thing. The fishery is managed by a team that strive to bring us the best.


The Specimen Lake over the last year has been stocked with over thirty four specimen Carp, with weights between 18 to 22lb of fast growing, hard fighting fish. The ones that have been caught are gaining weight with every capture as this lake continues to thrive as does its inhabitants.


Now for any other fishery that would be an excellent re-stocking policy for one lake, but no, not White Springs.


This fishery has to excel in excellence by bringing in another twelve carp with weights ranging from 27 to 34lb.


All the fish are genuine English Carp which have been acquired from the stock ponds of the much acclaimed Broad Oak syndicate water, an old estate lake on the Kent / Sussex border.


Such is the quality of these Carp that there is a very long waiting list for that particular syndicate.


And such is the prestige of these Carp, the syndicate operate a micro chipping scheme so that each fish they breed has its own identity to prove that they were bred from their much-admired stock of old English Carp.


The Carp that have been introduced to the Specimen Lake here at White Springs are believed to be from the Dink strain, given their massive shoulders and flawless markings. A strain that is renowned for its hard fighting Carp.


Naturally raised in the estate stock ponds, these Carp have never even seen a line, let alone a boilie.


So I am pleased to bring you these pictures for your own reference should you be lucky enough to have one of these beautiful specimens cross your net cord.




Memberships are still available for all lakes here at White Springs. Please contact the fishery for further details.


Thanks must go to Bethan and Jarrod for their endeavour to bring the Specimen Lake into a truly top Carp water, not only in Wales but to compete with any day ticket water throughout the country.


So to all specimen anglers, let the naming rights begin, as not one of these Carp have been fished for before and any angler that should be lucky enough to land one.


Start thinking what you could call one?

Until next time, tight lines and all

Winter League Results & Specimen Lake Captures

Posted by Richard on January 19, 2015 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (0)


Last week fishing was difficult with the extreme high winds. Bite indication was very hard to see, yet some anglers have done well considering the conditions.


On the Specimen Lake Graham Andrews from Carmarthen landed his first ever fish over 30lb, weighing in at 32.5lb; it’s another personal best for January.


While Craig Brown was back on peg 6a to land three high doubles.


Alan Price of Nash Tackle fished the Soil Shed landing a lovely 24lb mirror.


Martin Mathews fished peg 2 to land one of our new Silver, Grey Commons. These fish are now thriving in their new environment.


On the pleasure side it was the first week of the Winter League fishing on the Match Lake and the New Canal.


The results for the Match Lake were 1st John Harvey with 46.8lb and in first place on the New Canal was Lee Werritt with 28.4lb, while John Clement of Swansea won the silver fish match on the Pleasure Lake with 11.6lb, it was a hard start to the winter league.


Don’t forget memberships for 2015 are still available with free fishing for January members.


Well done to all anglers who have braved such treacherous conditions and until next time, tight lines and all.




  • "Its not only the fish its the people here, people are so friendly and ready to help you here at White Springs, especially Vince and Eileen."
    Alan Horton
    Match Angler
  • "Today my brother, friend and myself visited whitesprings with children in attendence! Our first fishing outing this year. Very very pleased, absolutely great day. Even the small..."
    Excellent day !
  • "it was my old mate the big common at a new p b weight of 33lb on the button, the fish is in tremendous condition like a bar of gold with its winter colouring. i've now caught th..."
    Army Mark
    Speciman Angler


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