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This Weeks Match News

Posted by Richard on September 13, 2014 at 4:50 AM Comments comments (0)


What a couple of good weeks; fish are on the feed, if you feed little but often you will have a wonderful day.



The Big Pit is on form with anglers reporting catching Carp in double figures in weight and numbers. The fish of the week was Tench of 3 3/4 lbs along with a Leather Carp of 32.6lbs for Peter Thorn on peg 6A after having moved off Peg 6 to finish his session.



Whilst a visiting angler set up on to Peg 6 to catch his personal best, a 26lb Mirror.



A group of eighteen anglers from Stoke had a couple of enjoyable days fishing on the Match Lake and New Canal.



Last week’s matches were on the New Canal, with Chris Wells getting 85lbs 12. for first place.



The Wednesday match was on the Big Pit with John Charlseworth getting 95 lbs 12. Alan Godridge on the Pleasure Lake had 96lbs but the angler to beat was John Hart with 111lbs; this shows you all the lakes are fishing well.


Tony Smith Memorial Charity Event & Match Results.

Posted by Richard on September 1, 2014 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (0)



Many thanks to all anglers who helped to make our Tony Smith Memorial charity weekend another huge success, raising £1750 to date for children’s Cancer and Cystic Fibrosis charities.





The event was held on the Specimen Lake and the winner of the competition for the biggest bag was Brian Hodder of Bristol with 37lb. Brian received £100 for first place.





2nd place and also the biggest fish prize went to junior angler Jamie Davies with a 24lb mirror winning £75.







3rd place was Johnathan Lewis with 33lb 11oz.





Eleven fish were landed in total with nothing big coming out at the event, but as usual with the Specimen Lake on the Monday after the event a junior angler came into peg 6a and landed a nice 27lb mirror in half hour of setting up.



I would again like to thank all those who supported the charity event.



On the Pleasure side, The New Canal is doing the business with Dan Bowen on peg 29 weighing in 167lb 10oz.



2nd place on peg 3 was Alan Godritch who got 118lb.



3rd on peg 15 Chris Bradley with 105lb.



The fish are feeding well on all lakes at present.



Last Sundays match on the Match Lake was again good with Alan Godrich on peg 14 weighing in 130lb 8oz.



2nd Jeff Horner from Pembroke with 112lb.



The Pleasure Lake is fishing very well for Silver Bream to 4/5lb along with some nice Roach while the pit is on form for Carp in and around the 9lb/12lb mark.



Well done to all anglers and until next time, tight lines and all.



Record Breaking Match News & Upcoming Events.

Posted by Richard on August 6, 2014 at 1:00 PM Comments comments (0)



What a week. Fish are everywhere with fishery records being broken.



Jim Hart after coming back to fishing after a couple of years off fished the mid-week Wednesday match that was held on the Match Lake.



He drew peg 14 and fished chopped Worm over pellet to land a new lake record of 163lb 12oz.



2nd was Chris Bradley on peg 22 who got 105lb 12oz then another new comer was George Woodhead from Tenby who got 75lb 8oz to finish third.



The weekend match was held on the New Canal with Lew Spinks winning with 73lb 12oz. Joint second was Jeff Horner and Dick Brunton both from Pembroke Dock got 69lb each, with Alan Godrich coming 4th after losing a few nice fish at the net. He managed 67lb 8oz.



All other lakes are fishing very well.



Anglers are reporting catching lots of fish, but due to a keep net ban in place due to the hot weather. Anglers are unable to record there weights.



This last week we have stepped up our bailiffing of all lakes to check anglers are using the right tackle. The results have been disappointing with people not using the correct tackle for coarse fishing.



We have an on site tackle shop with everything you require available to buy or hire.



This week is our annual fund raising week, where we collect for children’s Cancer Hospital and Cystic Fibrosis. The Tony Smith Memorial Match will be held on the Specimen Lake with a raffle and Saturday afternoon BBQ, There are still two places left for anyone interested.



Well done to all anglers and until next time, tight lines and all.

Carp Masters & Match Results.

Posted by Richard on July 28, 2014 at 8:15 AM Comments comments (0)




After a hot week with temperatures in the upper 20’s, the fish are feeding well, early mornings and late afternoons and with the mid-day times, you will see the fish moving around, but a little slower to hook.




Last Wednesday’s match for the senior anglers was on the Pleasure Lake with George from Kilgetty getting 104lb 5oz.




2nd was Alan Godrich with 98lb 4oz .



3rd place was John Charlesworth with 95lb 6oz.




They were catching well on pellet and maggot.




While the Sunday match was on the Canal part of the Big Pit with Peter Williams of Swansea getting 83lb 12oz.




2nd place was Paul Davies with 63lb 6oz and trailing close behind in third place Alan Godrich with 53lb 9oz.




Weekend before last saw the Welsh Carp Masters qualifiers held on the Specimen Lake with 10 pairs of anglers travelling from all over the country.




There were Twenty Six fish caught in total.




The winning pair was John Flewin and Ethan Thomas, fishing off the Island Swim to catch nine fish using Innovate baits.




2nd place went to John Cooper and Dafydd Gould on peg 10, The Trees to land four fish for 78lb 14oz using Pro Bait.




We would like to thank the Marshals for doing a good job in the organisation of the event.




I myself have had the first chance in five months to get in a few sessions on the Specimen Lake. Managing to land one fish and losing Three.




But what I must say is the amount of work that has been done on all the lakes.






Jarrod and Gavin have been working tirelessly and the results are fantastic. All the Islands on the lakes have been cut back and they look great.






The highlight of my two sessions in the summer sun was to catch a glimpse of the big orange Koi that can be sometimes seen cruising through the lily beds.









Last weighed some ten years ago when the lake was partially emptied, the weight then was 24lb and judging by these pictures I think we could be looking at a 30 lb fish which is still to be caught and named.




Mid July Report & Match Results

Posted by Richard on July 15, 2014 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (0)



It’s been an up and down week at White Springs with the week starting warm and dry with not so many fish coming out, but as the weather cooled and the rain came, the fish came on the feed.


The mid-week match on the New Canal saw Jim Hart on peg 28 win the match with 53lb



2nd was John Charlesworth with 47lb 5oz off peg 5.



3rd was Alan Godrich with 43lb 8oz off peg 24.



On the Pleasure Lake local young angler Camron Lake caught several mid doubles.



The Big Pit has also been fishing well with reports of some good bags of double figure Carp being caught off the top.



The Sunday match was on the New Canal 1st place was Ron Gibbs with 86lb 12oz of peg 27.



2nd was Jeff Horner with 78lb 12oz.



3rd was Chris Hall with 66lb.



On the Specimen Lake Marcus Jones from Britton Ferry fished Megs Corner for 24hrs to land three fish, the best being a 24lb mirror, all were caught on pop ups.



Another angler to do well was Rob Mills of Cwm landing three fish, his best being a 25lb mirror. All his fish were caught on the bottom.



Junior angler Dylan Jones fished the Island swim for a mid-week session landing seven fish to 20lb and finally Stewart Sparks of Neath landed three fish to 19lb off the new peg 8a.



Just to remind everyone the Specimen Lake is closed this weekend due to the Welsh Carp Masters qualifier being held on there.



All other lakes will be open as normal with the Big Pit providing excellent sport for the Carp as an alternative to the Specimen Lake.



Well done to all anglers and until next time, tight lines and all.



Record Breaking Match News and Other Reports

Posted by Richard on July 13, 2014 at 5:00 AM Comments comments (0)


What a week Alan Godrich has had after coming second on the last couple of matches.



He, after years of match fishing, has finally cracked White Springs. Not only winning the last two matches but taking the match record on the Match Lake with 158lb off peg 20.



Fishing just 4/5meters out using soft hook pellet and feeding 4mm pellet to get a match winning bag of F1 Carp and some nice Bream.



Then again on Sunday off peg 14 fishing a different tactic, this time using the method to the island and lily pads he managed to get 133lb 2oz.



Another angler to do well was Paul Davies with 114lb, then Dick Brenton with 75lb 12oz and very close behind was Jim Hutton with 75lb 8oz.



While on the New Canal Ian Exall weighed in 106lb 01oz.



2nd was Nigel Morris with 68lb 4oz and close behind was Mike Yandle with 63lb 3oz.


The fish are now feeding very well on all lakes.



The Big Pit is also doing well with anglers reporting some good catches of Carp around the 10lb and up mark.



At present, please remember there is still a keep net ban due to the warm weather conditions.



The Specimen Lake has been busy but fish are coming out, with Martin from Caerphilly landing a nice 32lb12oz Mirror along with 3 other fish off peg 4.



While Gail Walters on peg 3a also got Three nice Carp the best being a 26lb Mirror and another angler was Clive Becket fishing for Specimen Bream using prawn hooked and landed a nice 26lb carp while other carp anglers looked on.



Please can we also remind you that there are still just a few places left for our annual Tony Smith Memorial Charity Event on the weekend of August 8th.



Please contact the fishery for details and your sponsorship forms.



Also can I remind anglers to take their litter home or use the bins provided around the lakes.



Well done to all anglers and until next time, tight lines and all.

Latest News and Forthcoming Events

Posted by Richard on July 6, 2014 at 5:20 AM Comments comments (0)


After a change in the weather the fish seem to have become slow to feed but a couple of anglers from the Caerphilly area fishing the Specimen Lake off peg 4 The Soil Shed fishing to the newly cut islands got some nice Carp.


Martin landed Three Carp on Monday and Tuesday, his best being a 32lb 12oz mirror while Gail on peg 3a got 3 fish as well.


The fish in the Match lake and Big Pit have come back on the feed with Chris Wells getting 64lb 8oz for first place Alan Godrich came second with 57lb and very close behind was Terry Taylor with 56lb.


While on Sunday the match on the Old Canal was won by Brian Bevan with 62lb 12oz, second place again was Alan Godrich with 45lb 8oz and third place went to Jim Heart who has started fishing again after a spell in retirement. He weighed in with 42lb 8oz.


A couple of dates to remember are 18th to 21st July where we are holding the qualifier for The Welsh Carp Masters on the Specimen Lake which is fully booked and also our annual Tony Smith Memorial weekend is on the 8th to 10th August where we raise money for Children’s cancer and Cystic Fibrosis. There are few spaces left on this event.


Please contact the fishery for details and sponsorship forms.


Please can all anglers remember to take their litter home with them or use the bins provided around the fishery.


Well done to all anglers and until next time, tight lines and all.

Mid June News and Match Results

Posted by Richard on June 28, 2014 at 4:45 AM Comments comments (0)


White Springs has become a fishery for everybody with different sizes of fish to please all types of anglers. A session on the Big Pit catching Carp to mid doubles.


Whilst the Pleasure Lake is good for Bream, Golden Orph, Carp and nice Roach. Whilst a day on the Match Lake going for the F1 Carp that feed most days, could be very good fishing up in the water at this time of year.


The last couple of weeks there has been a Mid-week Wednesday evening match fishing from 6pm to 9pm with some good results.


Luke Sorokin got 98lb while Mikey Williams got 90lb. Over the last few weeks some other anglers have also had good weights and doing well for a few hours evening fishing was Dan Bowen getting 130lb 4oz, Rob Jones getting 109lb 4oz and Chris Wells with 110lb 12oz.


We are sorry there are no keep nets at present on the lakes, except if you are in a match. This is due to the weather conditions and the spawning season.


Please remember that we are running our annual charity event The Tony Smith Memorial and places are running out fast. It is being held on the 8th to the 10th August on the Specimen Lake. Please contact the fishery for details.


Can all anglers remember to take their litter home or use the bins provided.


Well done to all anglers and until next time, tight lines and all.


Latest News, Match & Catch Reports.

Posted by Richard on June 4, 2014 at 4:15 AM Comments comments (0)


The fishing is going well after the last couple of weeks, when the fish were spawning.



Margin fishing is doing the business feeding little and often and using small hooks like sizes 12 to18.



Fishing to heavy and you will lose lots of bites and playing lightly seems to be the key as pulling them too hard will damage their mouths and cost you fish as well.



Last weekends match on the New Canal was won by Russell Palmer from Cardiff with 76lb.



2nd was Dean Jay again from Cardiff with 69lb.



While on the Big Pit local lad Zack Williams got 76lb 10oz on his session, but the Match Lake has been doing better for Carp and Bream.


Visiting anglers from Liverpool got a very nice golden Koi of 13lb 10oz.


On the Specimen Lake another two boys from Cardiff fished mid week off peg 8, The Point to land a 34lb 8oz Common in mint condition.


Harry Wakeling just finished a three night session on The Island peg.


He had 16 fish, biggest fish was Nails at 27lb 8oz, and he also had a 27lb Common.




He also managed five fish over 20lb, and 10 fish being mid to high doubles.


Most fish were taken on Pro Baits Squid and Orange pop ups fished over a mix of Squid and Orange and B1 bottom baits.


Please can we also remind you that bookings are now being taken for our


Tony Smith Memorial Charity Event on the weekend of August 8th.


The places are being snapped up quickly as this is a very sought after event.


Please contact the fishery for details and your sponsorship forms.


Also can I remind anglers to take their litter home or use the bins provided around the lakes.


Well done to all anglers and until next time, tight lines and all.

Fishery Report & Upcoming Events

Posted by Richard on May 27, 2014 at 4:25 PM Comments comments (0)


What a week we’ve had, especially for Paul Davies coming back to fish after a spell with his Cancer treatment .


The boys said nice to see you until he won a silver fish match on the Pleasure Lake weighing in with 54lb.

2nd was Andrew Ford with 47lb.

3rd place was Chris Oag with 41lb.

Then on Thursday the fish went into spawning mode big time for 3 to 4 days but last Sunday’s match on the Match Lake was a great success with Chris Hall fishing peg 13 who got a100lb to win the match.


2nd was Zack Williams with 76lb 4oz and very close behind for 3rd was Allan Godrich with 73lb 2oz.


The fish came right back on the feed after a couple of days of spawning.


On the Specimen Lake the fish were crashing around the Lillie pads keeping anglers awake at night but Gary, better known as Taffy from Newport got a 27lb 8oz mirror off peg 7 while his mate had a 31lb 4oz mirror off peg 6a.


We are now taking bookings for our annual Cancer and Cystic Fibrosis charity weekend, The Tony Smith Memorial held on the Specimen Lake over the weekend of the 8th 9th and 10th of August.

Please contact the fishery for details and sponsorship forms.


Please can we remind all anglers to take their litter home after each session or use the bins provided.


Until next time, tight lines and all.


Catch Reports and Match Results

Posted by Richard on May 19, 2014 at 9:45 AM Comments comments (0)



With the warmer days coming fishing has picked up on all lakes. Anglers fishing the method feeders and using luncheon meat are doing well especially on the big pit, catching carp to mid doubles along with some nice perch of 3 ½ lb.


Last weeks mid-week match was on the match lake with Allan Godrich doing well weighing in 97lb 2oz.



2nd was Chris Oag with 68lb then Lliw Spinks with 61lb 8oz.


Sundays match was on the New Canal with John Smith getting 78lb.



The Bream were active but started to spawn. The Pleasure Lake has been very good for Carp to upper doubles.



Please remember to take your litter home or use the bins provided.



Until next time, tight lines and all.


Latest Match Results & Fishery Info.

Posted by Richard on April 29, 2014 at 5:00 PM Comments comments (0)


Another good week, especially on the Match Lake with a couple brothers from Skegness staying with us for the week.


Nick Love got 143lb on his best day of 5 hours, while Brother Dave got a nice 8lb5oz Koi off peg 26.


They also had some nice days on The Big Pit catching 10 to 12lb Carp using banded pellet over pellet.


Last week’s open match was on the Match Lake with Chris Wells fishing off peg 14 to weigh in first with 122lb 8oz.

2nd was Chris Hall off peg 13 with 79lb then close behind was Dick Branton who fished peg 7 with 73lb 9oz.


While on The Big Pit anglers have been catching well with some reporting some good bags of Carp and Bream, although the Bream are getting ready to spawn with the water temperature rising.


On the Specimen Lake plenty of anglers and fish but nothing big too talk about.


Carp in and around the 20lb plus sizes off most areas.


Don’t forget you leave no rubbish after your day’s fishing.


Also you must have a landing net and unhooking mat to go fishing on all lakes especially The Big Pit and the Specimen Lake.


We have also introduced the White Springs method mixes again at a special introduction offer of just £1 per tub


Match & Catch Results.

Posted by Richard on April 29, 2014 at 4:55 PM Comments comments (0)


Fish of the week was a 4lb 8oz perch for a visiting angler from Cheshire fishing the Big Pit.


While 100lb plus bags have been coming off the New Canal, with Nigel Morris fishing for Tredegar Angling Centre weighed in


1st with 120lb.


2nd place was Mikey Williams of Thatcher’s with 110lb then Rob Jones of Frenzee s.w with 82lb.

The match on the Match Lake also had bags to 100lb + with Dan Bowen weighing in 135lb 2nd was Steve Gardner with 95lb.


The Big pit has become a good place to be for Carp of double figures. Best tactics are using 6m pellet and feeding 4m pellet little but often, but if you want a mixed bag try the Pleasure Lake for Bream and Roach and some nice Tench.


The Specimen Lake has been busy but the fish have not been feeding as well as of late. A nice 31lb 10oz mirror came off the Island peg for Gareth Mayer from Carmarthen fishing with his brother, they caught Seven fish between them.




Another West Wales angler to do well was Sasha Dicks who landed 4 Carp, his best being a 24lb.



While a 29lb mirror was also caught by Ethan Thomas of team catch and release on peg 1.





The colder nights have slowed things down as we are a good night and early morning water.



Please remember to take your ltter home with you or use the bins provided.

Until next time, tight lines and all.


Fishery News and Match Results.

Posted by Richard on April 21, 2014 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (0)


Practice pays off on the Match Lake for Dan Bowen on peg 14 the disabled peg. fishing down the track and straight out mid water to weigh in 135lb on the mid-week match 2nd place was Steve Gardner with 95lb 8oz then another angler was Matt Edwards the other end of the lake on peg 2 also found the fish with 95lb.

The Pleasure Lake is also coming on form with anglers doing well with some nice bream showing.


While anglers are all waiting to fish the island pegs on the big pit water for carp of 10lb to 14lb range.

The work we have being doing to raise the levels down between the canals have now been finished making it much better for the people to park and get to a dry peg in the winter months.


Don’t forget for the next 2 months during spawning season all keep nets will have to be emptied and removed out of the water at 1pm every day except if there is a match.


Match & Fishery News

Posted by Richard on April 21, 2014 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (0)

No two days are the same, just when things started to pick up we got another cold, windy snap, making you change back to a winter method of fishing, but anglers on the new canal and big pit have been doing well for carp, bream and perch, whilst a few nice tench have come off the pleasure lake.

Last week’s match was won by Lliw Spinks with 99lb 8oz Lliw caught a carp of 3/4lb on the whistle which he had to put back that would of put him over 100lb mark. Well done Lliw 2nd was John Charlesworth 3rd Allan Godrich off the new canal.

While anglers were catching well using luncheon meat on the Big pit, Clive Beckett and Kevin done well midweek on the pleasure lake for bream and perch using soft hook pellet and feeding maggot.

The Specimen Lake has been fair with anglers catching on most pegs but nothing to big this week plenty in the mid 20’s.

As the weather warms up all keep nets will have to be taken out at 1pm every day

Winter League Final Results & Other Fishery News.

Posted by Richard on April 3, 2014 at 12:50 PM Comments comments (0)


Our winter league final match was on the New Canal and Match Lake with 30 anglers taking part.


It started slow due to a very cold night with hail stones which were just like snow on the ground.


Putting the fish off the feed there was only 10lb between the top 10 anglers.


It was a close fought match to the end.


1st on the Canal was Luke Sorokin with 59lb 2oz, 2nd was James Thomas with 53lb 3oz and 3rd place was Mikey Williams with 52lb 14oz.


On the Match Lake, 1st place was Andrew Neal with 49lb 1oz, 2nd was Nigel Morris with 45lb 8oz and 3rd place was Bob Giles with 45lb 6oz but the overall winner of the 6 matches was Adam Mitchell with 64 points, 2nd with 63 points was Andrew Neal, then Mikey Williams with 61 ½ points. 4th Luke Sorokin with 59 points and 5th Andrew Crocker with 58 points.


Just goes to show it was anyone’s up to the last, a very good 6 weeks fishing.


On the other lakes The Big Pit is on form with anglers reporting some good bags with carp of 10lb plus, while the Pleasure Lake has been coming up with bream from 2 – 5lb range and the odd mid double carp.


The Specimen Lake has been a little slower compared with the last couple of weeks but the best has been another 30lb plus mirror for Harry Wakling’s mate. While Sasha Dickes got 7 carp fishing 3 nights off peg 12.


Don’t forget we are a no litter zone if you get caught leaving litter expect a ban from the fishery.


Match & Record Breaking News.

Posted by Richard on March 6, 2014 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (0)

A Record Week at White Springs.



A 43lb 8oz Mirror and yet again, another fish over the 30lb mark what a week it’s been here at the fishery.



Ethan Bevan from Merthyr Tydfil fished off peg 4 and landed a 43lb 8oz Carp called Hand Job, while his mate Hywel Lloyd-Jones caught a 32lb 8oz mirror off peg 6 and another 8 upper doubles.



Another angler to do well and break records was Allan Godrich fishing off peg 10 on the Specimen Lake. Fishing for Bream and Perch, Allan hooked into something bigger and landed a 27lb 1oz mirror on just 3lb line and a size 20 hook using a single grain of Sweetcorn for bait. What an angler. Well done Allan, that’s got to be a record for match gear fishing.



The Specimen Lake has been fishing very well with forty fish being caught on there last week.







While the Big Pit has also been on form most days with anglers reporting some good catches.



The New Canal and Match Lake have been good for Carp around the 2 to 4lb mark.



While plenty of Bream and a couple of Tench have been caught out of the Pleasure Lake. The Tench weighed around the 3/4lb mark.



Last weekend’s match was held on the Match Lake. It was fished in some awful weather with Phil Lewis coming first with 49lb.



2nd Adam Norris with 36lb 4oz and 3rd Peter Williams with 33lb 8oz.

Allan Godrich got a big surprise.



After more than fifty years of match fishing, winning his first match when he was just ten years old with a 2oz roach from Bryn Mill Lake in Swansea. Alan has become well known in local match events over the years. Culminating in winning the Welsh National on Port Talbot Docks in 2001.



Having retired from his trade as a carpet fitter many years ago, he now spends most of his time on the bank here at the White Springs fishery, due to the easy lakeside access.



Being the expert angler he is, he’s allowed to fish the Specimen Lake here at White springs to target the specimen Bream and Perch.



Last Thursday he set up on peg 10 between the trees, using a nine metre Daiwa Tournament whip, fitted out with a no. five elastic with 3lb hook length with a size twenty hook topped off with a single grain of Sweetcorn.



Fishing just off the margin at five to six feet and after a couple of small Roach, he hooked into something a bit bigger. Realising it was a Carp he called the anglers on the next peg, George Deakin and Olli Hill on holiday from Birmingham to ask to lend their bigger net. Using his skills from match fishing he landed a Mirror Carp that weighed 27lb 1oz, this is a record for Allan and White Springs on such light tackle.




Well done Allan and all other angleres.



Can all anglers and patrons of the fishery remember to take their litter home or use the bins provided please.


Until next time , tight lines and all.

Catch Reports & Match Results.

Posted by Richard on February 25, 2014 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (0)


What a week it’s been. The fish have come on the feed everywhere.


The Specimen Lake has produced some nice fish, especially for Chris Skelton from Monmouth who fished peg 8 for his first visit to White Springs.


Chris landed 8 fish, his best being a 33lb 10oz mirror that’s not known to the regular anglers who fish the lake. Chris was using Squid and Octopus pop ups on a blow back rig, fished over a bed of hemp, chopped bollies and sweetcorn.




Another angler to do well was Mark Wozencroft on peg 11 who also caught 8 fish, his best being a mirror at 30lb 8oz and four more Carp all over the 20lb mark.



John Flewin was another angler to do well. He fished peg 2 and landed a 26lb 7oz mirror, 23lb 10oz common and a couple mid doubles.



The place to be was on the Big Pit, our new runs lake where Simon and Ian Pearce from Pontypool fished on the New Island to land fifteen and sixteen Carp each. All were around the 10lb mark, while Anthony Clarke on a day session landed 22 Carp, his smallest being 8lb.


Anglers at last weekend’s match on the New Canal did well with the boys fishing in very windy conditions.


Adam Mitchell won the match with 93lb 4oz.


2nd was Andrew ford with 57lb 8oz.


3rd close behind was Dan Bowen with 50lb.


Adam Mitchell with his winning bag.



Another match was also held on The Match Lake. That match was won by Andrew Crocker who weighed in with 59lb 6oz.


2nd was Luke Sorokin with 47lb 8oz and again close behind in third was John Harvey with 45lb 2oz.


Andrew Crockers match winning catch.


Nice to see the match boys finally taking a few pictures of their catches.


The match lakes are also on form producing excellent weights for the time of year.


Well done to all anglers.


Please can anyone using the fishery take their litter home or use the bins provided.


Until next time, tight lines and all.


This Weeks Match Results & News

Posted by Richard on February 20, 2014 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (0)


Another challenging week with the weather still unsettled.


Last Sunday after starting off slow with the overnight frost, James Thomas got the fish feeding to weigh in 32lb.


2nd place was last week’s winner Pete Edwards he got the silver fish to take down the track for 31lb 12oz then Allan Goddritch third with 27lb 12oz.


While a pleasure angler on the Pleasure Lake was watching Carp take Chum Mixers off the top, this lake is warmer in the winter months with the water coming up out of the well, so it’s always good for a bit of surface fishing even in the colder moths.


The Specimen Lake has been slower but anglers are reporting seeing carp feeding, so pop up baits are the things to use.


Please if you have any pictures you would like to post onto the website, contact me at jacktaff1965@yahoo.co.uk.


Until next time, tight lines and all.

Winter Series Results & Specimen Lake News

Posted by Richard on February 11, 2014 at 1:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Yet another wet week, but the fish are feeding. It’s just hard to see their bites in these conditions.



The Specimen Lake has seen a couple of nice fish coming out this week. Justin Williams fished out of the Old Cabin (peg 1) to land a nice 31lb 11oz mirror while Jason Cadwallader fished peg 8 to land a 28lb 8oz mirror using White Chocolate tipped off with Sweetcorn.



On the pleasure side Perch and Bream seem to be the fish to go for but John Charlesworth fished the Old Canal now called the Big Pit and he got a bag of 100lb of Carp all averaging around the 9/10lb mark. Our new stockies are starting to feed well.



The winter match series had the third match last Sunday with Pete Edwards from Pembroke winning with 46lb 22lb with the majority of his catch being was silver fish.



2nd with 41lb 12oz was another Pembroke lad, Mark Goodhall of West Wales Angling.



3rd was Chris Hall with 36lb 12oz.



4th John Harvey with 34lb 12oz.



5th with 33lb 14oz was Mikey Williams.



6th was Richie Barnet with 33lb 10oz.



7th Chris Bradley with 32lb 8oz and close behind was Chris Wells with 30lb 8oz.



Good weights for the weather conditions.



It was a very close match with thirty anglers taking part.



The points system sees Nigel Morris as top man with 35 points then with 34 points each are Mark Goodhall, Adam Mitchell and Mikey Williams.



With the results being so close the Winter Series could still be any bodies.



Here are some pictures of the new stockies that have again been added to the Big Pit this week.






Some lovely Commons and Mirrors and once the stocking process is finished this is going to be a truly awesome runs water.



Well done to all anglers.



Until next time, tight lines and all.



  • "i came down with my 5 boys over the 6 weeks hoildays and had a great time thanks to everyone there GREAT PLACE TO GO FISHING see you again soon i hope "
    Rachael and Dean
  • "Must have been very lucky last week in April for me, my wife and our two dogs (king Charles spaniels). Had the best weather of the year so far, an outstanding log cabin and fish..."
    Great weather
  • "Just spent a week in log cabin Couldn't ask for better accommodation Great fishing all 4 of us had p/ best Can't wait to go back Oh yes can't forget vince and the great br..."
    Andy Ayles


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