The Pit Lake (now forms part of the Big Pit Lake)

This is now the historical page for the lake that now forms part of the Big Pit Lake
This challenging 12 Peg lake with space for up to 14 anglers was opened in early spring 2004 and stretches over an area of about 3/4 of an acre of land. From peak to peak at its widest parts it is 64.25 metres (210.78 feet) by 58.27 metres (191.18 feet)

It was called the Pit for a very good reason, for at one end (inlet side) the depth of water reaches 18ft and at the shallow end (outlet side) it is about 8ft. The bottom is mainly a silty bottom with the base of the lake being peat and clay and the lake has three islands which are surrounded by shallower water with depths of 3 to 4 feet surrounding the islands and distances to the bank from the island pegs of between 15 metres (51.28 feet) and 20 metres (65 feet) depending on the peg. It has many runways and features for the fish and is stocked with Carp up to 28lb+, Tench to 6lb+, Perch to 4lb+, Roach to 1 1/2lb+ and Bream to 5lb+.

 Such depths on such a lake can be very challenging to fisherman and it is this unique challenge that makes this lake very popular. Although it is primarily a pleasure lake to fish the regular carpers to the Specimen Lake rate the Pit as being as much of a challenging lake to fish as the Specimen lake iteself.

 Because of its depth ledgering and method feeding prove very popular techniques with most types of bait working well on its day.
This was the original view of the lake and the original peg layout.

Pit Facts and figures.

To walk around the The Pit you would cover 229m (751ft)
If you were sitting Peg 1 and looking over to Peg 9 it would be 61.76m (202.62ft) in distance.
If you were sitting Peg 5 and looking over to Peg 12 it would be 58.28m (191.22ft) in distance.
From Peg 1 to the island is 16.71m (54.81ft)
From Peg 3 to the island is 18.82m (61.74ft)
From Peg 6 to the island is 16.2m (52.56ft)
From Peg 9 to the island is 21.5m (69.38ft)
From Peg 10 to the island is 22.97m (75.37ft)
From Peg 12 to the island is 15.35m (50.35ft)

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