The Lakes at White Springs

The lakes at White Springs provide an experience for every type of angler, the majority of swims are all accessible via gravel paths with gravel purpose built swims and car parking directly next to the swim. 

Have you got the tackle? Boasting Carp up to and maybe over 44lb this lake has multiple challenges and features that will challenge you to new limits.
This lake has an excellent stock of upper doubles but these wily old fish are not easy to catch.
The perfect angling challenge.

This large and in places very deep lake not only caters to the casual angler but also to the match and more serious angler. The lake boasts carp to 28lb and large Tench, Perch and Bream  with multiple islands and features so it works well fishing everything from the pole to using ledger and feeder tactics.

A multiple pegged lake with multiple islands and plenty of iris lillies spread around the margins. 
Nicely stocked with Bream, Tench, Carp, Perch to 5lb, Roach, Barbel and Golden Orfe.

This 21 peg lake has room for up to 30 anglers and is popular with both pleasure and match anglers alike. Click the above link or the picture for more information and pictures of the swim pegs.

New Match Lake

Spring 2002 this 26 peg lake was formed and is extremely popular with pole fishermen. Very nicely  stocked with Carp, Perch Roach and Chub this  lakes consistently produces weights in excess of over 100 - 150 lbs.  

Prices for fishing these lakes can be see by clicking here. Please ring (01792) 885699 for up to date prices.

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