The Old Canal (now forms part of the Big Pit Lake)

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This is now the historical page for the lake that now forms part of the Big Pit Lake
Formed in 2004/5 the Old Canal is a pole anglers dream lake, it has been specifically designed and developed with the pole angler specifically in mind, this 36 peg canal is used for both match fishing and pleasure angling and holds challenges for anglers from all walks of life. It has six central islands which are approximately 13 metres from the bank and is a pretty even depth of 5 foot or 6 foot to the bottom with plenty of iris lilies between the islands. As this is also a match lake you can expect some heavy weights coming out in a session with a regular 100lb+ average on the lake. On the far end of the canal there are overhanging trees where the carp like to lay and more than one pole angler have hit the 200lb+ from fishing floating biscuit on the top.

Origonally stocked with fish from the former Central Lake (old Rainbow Trout/Fly Lake) which has now become part of the Specimen Lake the Old Canal holds 17 varieties of fish including carp around the 13lb+ mark, Koi at 6lb+, tench, golden tench at 4lb and bream at 5lb+, Golden Orfe to 3lbs+ and of course  the famous and well publicised Perch at 5lb+.
These are one of the fish that makes the Canal so special as the famed Perch can be caught in weights over 5 lbs+. These speciman weights for Perch have made White Springs is so well known for Perch that famed Angler Matt Hayes has been down to fish for them for two months concurrently and published an 8 page special on Perch Fishing at White Springs in the well known fishing magazine 'Improve your Course FIshing' which went on sale on 28th March 2008.

The lake has proved time and time again that it can be a challenge to all walks of fishermen and is a extremely popular with the Perch Anglers especially in the winter for the specimen size Perch.

Due to the Canals popularity as a match venue it is advisable that you telephone in advance to make sure that it is not booked so that you may avoid dissapointment.


Overhead Ariel View of the Old Canal as it was then
Place your mouse over the peg numbers below for a view of the Old Canal lake taken from the old peg layout.

On the above map If you place your mouse over a peg number it should bring up a picture taken from the actual peg when you move your mouse again it should bring hte map back up for you. When you first place your mouse over the number please allow time for the picture to load. If this is not working for you it is because your browser doesnt support javascript or you have it switched off. You can click the links at the bottom of the map to see each peg.

Canal Facts and Figures.

To walk around the Old Canal you would cover 372.05m (1,220.65ft)
If you were sitting peg 1 and looking over to Peg 36 it would be  27.24m (89.36ft) in distance.
If you were sitting peg 18 and looking over to Peg 19 it would be 29.09m (95.44ft) in distance.
From Peg 1 to the island is 10.5m (34.44ft)
From Peg 18 to the island is 12.46m (40.89ft)
From Peg 19 to the island is 14.30m (46.92ft)
From Peg 36 to the island is 10.54m (34.58ft)

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