New Match Lake

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In the Spring of 2002 this 26 peg lake was formed and is extremely popular with pole fishermen. Very nicely  stocked with Carp, Perch Roach and Chub this  lakes consistently produces weights in excess of over 100 - 150 lbs.  

The lakes at White Springs provide an experience for every type of angler, the majority of swims are all accessible via gravel paths with gravel purpose built swims and car parking directly next to the swim. 


In Spring 2002 the two growing lakes that had been used to grow the trout that was fished before course fishing became the mainstream fishing activity here, were joined together to form what is known now as The Match Lake.

This multiple pegged lake is very well stocked with Carp Perch Roach and Chub and is as its name suggest the main lake used for match competitions. Due to its shape and nature the Lake is extremely popular with pole fishing, though any method of fishing is usually successful and the lake is ideally suited for beginners who are starting out. 

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