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  The Pleasure Lake

The lakes at White Springs provide an experience for every type of angler, the majority of swims are all accessible via gravel paths with gravel purpose built swims and car parking directly next to the swim. 

The Pleasure Lake is as the name suggests a lake that was made for pleasure fishing for all ages, from Junior to OAP, this lake contains a wide variety of fish at a wide range of weights. It even has a Lakeside Cabin complete with electricity, fridge and microwave available for hire. Overnight fishing is available on this lake.


This stunning multiple pegged lake has room for up to 30 Anglers with pegs that have ample room for all. It is very popular with all types of anglers including match anglers and pleasure anglers alike, fish can be taken from the top or bottom of the lake providing good catches on float or ledger or pole. There are plenty of features within the lake and surrounding margins and there are some pegs which are a pole anglers dream.

In 2019 the lake had its banks redesigned to create a shelf near the edge of the lake in order to create a better fishing environment, the lake was actually created in 18988/9 for trout fishing and originally called the Any Method Lake, today it is entirely a Course Fishing Lake and has been since 2002 when it was renamed to The Pleasure Lake and well stocked with some rather large Carp, Tench, Bream, Roach and Perch and some stunning Koi, Golden and Blue Orfe as well. Its unusual shape and various depths make every peg on the lake a different challenge. If you really want to do well on this lake then visit our tackle shop and ask Vince for some pellets and maggots.


The lake is very easy accessible for disabled anglers and OAP's with ample car parking for all. On some of the swims you have the ability to park the car within a few feet of the waters edge making it an ideal place to fish with minimum effort. There is a cabin available for hire on peg 3 at very reasonable rates for those that want that extra luxury when overnight or even a place to store their equipment during the day. It comes with its own electricity supply, light, microwave, a fridge and table and chairs! (you must supply your own camp beds and bedding.) You also have the ability to camp out overnight as well as just fish for the day, so we have something here for everyone.

Prices for fishing these lakes can be see by clicking here.

Please ring (01792) 885699 for up to date prices.

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