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25th March '09 - 30th May '09

Unfortunately the website updates are a little behind schedule due to illness I'm afraid.

There's plenty to report too!

The fishing at White Springs throughout the past 2 months has been nothing short of incredible with many big fish gracing the bank side.

We've had some pretty diabolical weather conditions throughout the months of April and first part of May too, but this hasn't stopped many anglers from

getting into some great catches.

Unfortunately we can't print pictures of all the fish caught due to web space but also due to the fact that we don't have pictures for all of the fish.......

If you do catch something decent then please send it to us

and we can put you onto the catch reports.

Anyway, here's a few of the captures that we've been told about from the Specimen Lakes, Pit, Pleasure and Canal.

Mathew Jenkins caught his first 30lb+ carp for over 5 years! at 32lb 2oz! Well done to him!

Luke Macdonald fished the (pit) for a 21lb Mirror.

Tom Davis took a stunning 22lb Leather from the (pleasure lake.)

Jonathan Howells (Specimen Lake) 31lb 8oz Common

Christian Duplesis (Specimen) 30lb 4oz & 33lb Mirrors

Mathew Hill (Specimen) 24lb & 18lb Mirrors

Jeremy Mckenny (Specimen) 18lb Koi

Craig Birch (Specimen) 22lb & 18lb Grass Carp

Mathew Jenkins (Specimen) 34lb Mirror

Martin Mathews (Specimen) 31lb 8oz & 28lb 10oz Mirrors

John Davis (Specimen) 3x Carp to 33lb

Terry Games fished the (Canal) for 4x Perch to 4lb

Stephen Darling (Specimen) 36lb 8oz Mirror

Jamie Moore (Pleasure) Koi Carp

Mathew Hill (Specimen) 32lb Mirror

Chris Wells (Specimen) 32lb 12oz Mirror

Jacky Davidge (Canal) 2lb 14oz Perch

Lewis Macdonald (Specimen) 21lb Mirror

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