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Catch Reports to the 22nd August

The weather has changed this week with the rain and temperature drop but the fishing has still been good. The Pirates were on the Pleasure Lake on Tuesday.

1st peg 6 Alan Godrich 133lb 2oz.

2nd peg 9 Rob white 75lb 14oz.

3rd peg 17 Gordon furlong 56lb 11oz.

White Springs open match on Wednesday was on the Match Lake.

1st peg 16 Alan Godrich 184lb 4oz.

2nd peg 21 Andy Rodgers 142lb 6oz.

3rd peg 7 Rob White 138lb 3oz.

4th peg 11 Steve Gardner 89lb 14oz.

5th peg 19 Tony wale 89lb 9oz.

Sir Howy were on the New Canal on Sunday with 20 anglers.

1st peg 40 Ashley Cleaves 80lb 9oz.

2nd peg 13 Andrew ford 76lb 3oz.

3rd peg 28 Sean Wilson 74lb 12oz.

4th peg 34 Phil Weaver 71lb 13oz.

White Springs open match was on the Match Lake on Sunday with 17 anglers.

1st peg 2 Carl Worrall 122lb 3oz.

2nd peg 6 Chris Hall 102lb 13oz.

3rd peg 14 Sam Childs 87lb 7oz.

4th peg 10 Dan Bowen 83lb 8oz.

5th peg 7 Dick Brunton 79lb.

Sam Childs had a nice afternoon on the Pleasure Lake catching plenty of fish. Carp up to 10lb and Bream up to 6lb.

On the Big Pit Ashley J Morris had two surprise Pb’s a 3lb 2oz Eel and a 3lb 8oz Perch.

Jack Bennett had 12 carp including a nice 10lb Ghosty.

The Specimen Lake has fished well with fish being landed from all around the lake.

On the Soil Shed England international Ellen Beedham had a good session landing 4 fish including a 34lb 12oz common and a 31lb 14oz.

On peg 8 Jonny Walker after 3 yrs of trying finally caught a 30lber and a new PB a lovely mirror called Two Scale at 30lb 2oz.

On The Island Teresa May caught a new Pb landing CTC at 31lb 3oz.

On peg 3 Darren Mason has a nice 22lb 3oz mirror and 24lb 13oz common.

On peg 10 Andy Nicholas had a cracking session having 4 fish including a PB 35lb mirror (Rambo) and a 30lb 8oz mirror (Charlie) .

On 9A Steve Rasbridge has the stunning (Winter) at 28lb 10oz.

On Megs Corner Neil Say had a cracking 18lb 4oz leather.

On Jaden’s cabin peg 1 Stuart Sparks had 5 fish up to 23lb 8oz.

On peg 3a Iwan Davies had a 23lb 15oz mirror and a new PB.

On peg 10 Simon Clayton had a stunning 26lb Half Lin and (Double D) at 29lb 5oz.

On peg 6 Kirk Roberts had a 21lb 3oz mirror.

On 9A Graeme Andrews had a 24lb 8oz.

Well done to all anglers and until next time, tight lines an all.

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