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Fishery Catch Reports Up to 18th July

It’s been another busy week at the fishery and the fishing has been good. The Pirates were on the Match Lake on Tuesday.

1st peg 6 Tony Wale 93lb 2oz.

2nd peg 15 Rob White 81lb 2oz.

3rd peg 3 Ron Shipton 43lb 6oz.

White Springs open on Wednesday was on the New Canal.

1st peg 16 Albert Dempsey 134lb 10oz.

2nd peg 27 Rob White 110lb 1oz.

3rd peg 10 Gareth Hodson 99lb 13oz.

4th Peg 33 Alan Godrich 92lb 9oz.

Sir Howey were on the New Canal on Sunday.

1st Peg 30 Mike Yandle 198lb 9oz.

2nd peg 35 Phil Weaver 157lb 15oz.

3rd peg 26 Nigel Morris 141lb.

White Springs open was on the Match Lake.

1st Carl Worrall 152lb 3oz.

2nd Chris Wells 151lb 13oz.

3rd Scott Thomas 149lb 13oz.

4th T Kahoe 129lb 14oz.

5th Andy Rogers 108lb 7oz.

The Pleasure Lake has been fishing really well with anglers catching well all day long. Kevin Davies had a lovely day fishing for bream 80lb’s worth up to 4lb. On the Big Pit, Courtney Samuel had a lovely mirror of 18lb and a new PB.

On the Specimen Lake Paul Thomas on Meg’s corner had 8 fish.

Ricky Medicke on 6a had a 22lb mirror.

Kevin Edwards on Jaden’s cabin peg 1 had 5 fish up to 26lb.

Darren Stern from Essex had a PB landing warrior at 35lb 1oz.

Andrew Thomas on peg 3 for a day session had a nice 20lb 6oz mirror.

Ashley Davies and Ewan Cessford fished on peg 6, Ashley had 3 fish including a PB a 25lb 6oz mirror. Ewan cessford had 6 fish up to 22lb 7oz.

Luke Murry fished 6a and had 2 fish including a 24lb 4oz mirror.

Congratulations everyone.

Well done to all anglers and until next time, tight lines an all.

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