Fishing report 16t Feb 2020

With the Storm Dennis the conditions have been brutal for the fishermen, but they have been rewarded with some good fishing. The pirates were on the new canal on Tuesday

1st Alan Godrich 104lb 6oz peg 5

2nd Rob White 38lb 15oz peg 10

3rd Jason Pritchard 28lb 7oz peg 32

Sundays open was on the pleasure lake

1st peg 1 Chris wells 86lb 10oz

2nd Peg 13 Rob White 73lb 2oz

3rd peg 3 Aland Godrich 48lb 4oz

Chris Hall won the silvers side pool narrowly by 5oz with 15lb 9oz

On the Pit Richard Collins has been catching again with 7 fish including a 20lb mirror and 15lb 6oz mirror. On the Specimen lake Martin Mathews fished the soil shed cabin and had a cracking 72hrs catching 13 fish, including a double take and pulling his rods in on the last night he caught a stunning 37lb 8oz common ‘Boyo’ he also had a 29lb 8oz mirror and 27lb leather all caught on white spring’s banana. On 3a was John Howells who had a lovely couple of carp both mirrors a 21lb and 25lb. Elliott Graham was on cabin 7 and had 5 fish all 20’s. Leon Aubrey was on cabin 9 then 13 then 11 cabin and had 7 fish off each of them including a 36lb 10oz mirror, 33lb 7oz mirror and another 4 high 20’s. On cabin 8a Jamie lee Hayman had a new PB catching a 36lb mirror. On Jaden’s cabin Jim Cessford caught a nice 22lb 1oz mirror. On cabin 7 Anthony needs caught a lovely 36lb 8oz common and a lovely mirror. On cabin 8a Callum Healy had a good first session at white springs beating his PB twice with a brace of 30’s 1st was a 30lb mirror and a new PB, then he caught a 34lb 4oz mirror and a new PB.

Congratulations everyone braving the conditions and on your PB’s

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