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Congratulations to Richard John on catching the new addition; Vince at 26lbs 1oz from the Specimen Lake.

Richard was on his third night of what seemed like a 72-hour blank when his alarm started screaming and he managed to net Vince.

Being the first to catch the beautiful mirror named after our very own E V Lloyd, Richard has won a free 48-hour session on the Specimen Lake!

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The Match lake and Canal will be opening back up tomorrow 2nd June. The Big Pit and Pleasure lake are staying closed until the 8th June. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Re opening for Day tickets

·As of tomorrow morning Tuesday 19th may, we will be opening for day tickets as the driving rules have changed to local driving now

Temp rules for re-opening 18th May during Covid 19

White springs opening Monday 18th May • We are open 8am to 8pm For Day tickets only, shop will be open 8am to 1pm please buy what you need on entry. There will be no evening tickets or Night fishing.


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