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Fishing Report 21st January 2020

The weather at Whitesprings this week started very windy with heavy rain. It eventually dried up but the weekend brought in heavy frosts which slowed the fishing right down. On Tuesday the Pirates were on the Pleasure Lake:

1st – Alan Godrich with 150lb

2nd – Dai Evans with 56lb 6oz

3rd – Alan Taylor with 32lb 2oz

On Wednesday Whitesprings Open was on the Pleasure Lake:

1st – Chris Harrison with 70lb 14oz

2nd – Alan Godrich with 59lb 1oz

3rd – Jim Hart with 31lb 7oz

On Sunday Whitesprings Open was on the Match Lake and after two days hard frost fished quite hard:

1st Peg 10 – Chris Oag 64lb 10oz

2nd Peg 18 – Nigel Morris 31lb 6oz

3rd Peg 14 – Ian Exall 29lb 2oz

On The Pit Justin Davies caught a nice 18.06 Mirror on Whitesprings Banana. Sean Thomas also had a good 24 hour session with five fish including three 20s up to 24lbs.

On the Specimen Lake, Kris Jenkins fished on Jaden’s Cabin and had a cracking session with four fish including a stunning 21lb Zip Linnear, 20lb scaly Mirror and a 26lbs ghosty. On 11a Martin Mathews had five fish including a 27lb mirror, 23lb common and another 20lb mirror. All were caught on Whitesprings boilies. Lee Stokes was on the soil shed cabin and had a lovely 18lb 8oz mirror. On cabin 11 Justin Davies caught a 15lb Common that saved a blank. On the island, Dean Morgan caught a stunning 30lbs 7oz Mirror called Kaiju.

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The Match lake and Canal will be opening back up tomorrow 2nd June. The Big Pit and Pleasure lake are staying closed until the 8th June. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Re opening for Day tickets

·As of tomorrow morning Tuesday 19th may, we will be opening for day tickets as the driving rules have changed to local driving now


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