Fishing report 9th March 2020

It’s been a drier week with it getting colder with a frost on a couple of days. On Tuesday the pirates were on the new canal

1st peg 32 Alan Godrich 50lb 10oz

2nd peg 2 Jason Pritchard 32lb 9oz

3rd peg 10 Jim Hutton 28lb 7oz

White springs open on Wednesday was on the match lake

1st peg 13 Ben Hicks 95lb 4oz

2nd peg 14 Chris Harrison 55lb 4oz

3rd peg 16 Alan Godrich 43lb 13oz

One last cast were on the match lake on Sunday

1st peg 18 Steve Morris 68lb 5oz

2nd peg 13 Chris Ewers 58lb

3rd peg 22 Grant Morris 53lb 6oz

White springs open on Sunday was on the new canal

1st peg 30 Chris Oag 64lb 2oz

2nd Peg 35 Sam Childs 56lb 15oz

3rd peg 15 Nigel Morris 55lb 2oz

4th peg 2 Andrew Wray 49lb 5oz

5th Peg 21 Andrew Price 47lb 11oz

On the pleasure lake Mike Thomas had a good day catching fish all day long. John Evans had a nice session catching silvers with about 50lb in weight. On the Pit the fishing has been pretty good at times. Chris Powell had 14 fish up to 15lb Justin Davies had 9 fish including a lovely 20lb 7oz common all caught on whitesprings banana. Craig Ratcliff had 5 fish including a 15lb 4oz mirror. Brad Newton had a lovely 23lb 15oz mirror and a new PB. Young angler Lee Gibson had 3 perch including a 2 and 3lber.

On the Specimen lake the fishing has been ok Neil Say had a stunning 22lb mirror from 9a. Carwynn Hayward was fishing on cabin 11 and had his PB a beautiful 32lb 4oz mirror (frosty), on peg 13 Daniel Andrews had 4 fish including a 29lb, 28lb,24lb all mirrors and a 20lb common. On cabin 8A Leon Aubrey had two nice commons a 21lber and a 31lb 6oz (jasper) on 6A martin Mathews continues to catch fish with another 3 fish including a 25lb and 22lb both mirrors, since using white springs bait at xmas martin hasn’t blanked. Congratulations everyone on your PB’s

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