Martin has a stormer of a session

Martin mathews fished soil shed in storm Dennis and landed 13 fish Boyo 37lb 8oz, Broken Lin 29lb 2 leathers 27lb and 26lb and lots of mid doubles all caught on White springs banana. well done martin

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Re opening for Day tickets

·As of tomorrow morning Tuesday 19th may, we will be opening for day tickets as the driving rules have changed to local driving now

Temp rules for re-opening during corvid 19

White springs is opening yet but when we do these rules apply • We are open 8am to 8pm For Day tickets only, shop will be open 8am to 1pm please buy what you need on entry. There will be no evening t

Temp shut down due to government's speech

To let everyone know we are going to have to close as of now after the government's speech for at least 3 weeks, I'm very sorry as I think it's safe to sit on the bank on your own but after the idiosy