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This weeks report 12th feb

The weather has been dry and cold at the start of the week, but Saturday night thro to Sunday night was blowing a gale with winds up to 70mph. the boys fishing the winter league braved the conditions all day (they must be mad). On Tuesday the pirates were on the match lake.

1st Alan Godrich 78lb

2nd Ron Shipton 67lb 2oz

3rd Tony Wale 32lb 4oz

White springs Wednesday open was on the pleasure lake

1st Rob White 141lb 8oz

2nd Alan Godrich 138lb 6oz

On Sunday it was the third round of the winter league using the new canal and the match lake.

Match lake results

1st Ben Hicks peg 23 52lb

2nd Chris Oag peg 8 44lb 9oz

3rd Nigel Morris peg 19 43lb 15oz

4th Rob jones peg 2 43lb 12oz

5th Andrew Wray peg 14 37lb 15oz

New canal results

1st Neil Morgan peg 27 60lb 9oz

2nd Adam Mitchell peg 2 51lb 1oz

3rd Chris hall peg 7 30lb 6oz

4th Ian Exall peg 36 29lb 14oz

5th Andy Rodgers peg 16 25lb 13oz

On the pleasure lake most anglers have been catching well. Richard Collins had fun filled day catching fish between 4 an 14lb regularly all day. Tony jones had a nice day targeting silver fish using maggot mainly and had a nice bonus of PB perch at 3lb 1oz.

On The Pit Justin Davies was catching 4 fish up to 17lblb 8oz, all caught on White springs Banana, fairplay Justin you always catch fish, well done. John Davies caught 3 fish an 18lb 8oz, 19lb 4oz and 21lb 12oz which were all PB’s, at the time John was also using White Springs Banana.

On The Specimen Lake, Jack Jenkins was fishing on cabin 11 and had 4 stunning fish including a stunning 26lb 4oz mirror. On Peg 2 Lee Stokes had a 25lb 2oz mirror. Anthony Needs was on the soil shed cabin and had 2 fish up to 20lb. Peter Thorne was on cabin 8 and had 2 lovely fish and had a nice 21lb common and a 29lb mirror. On cabin 7 Darren Mason had a stunning 18lb fully scaled. Danny Hughes fished on Jadens cabin and caught 2 fish including a lovely 22lb mirror. Kris Jenkins was fishing on cabin 8a and had a 24lb mirror. On the island Ryan Morley caught a 22lb mirror. On peg 6 Edward Anthony caught a stunning 24lb 3oz mirror. Elliot Graham was on megs corner and caught a nice 25lb 08oz leather. Andrew Thomas was on peg 6 and had a 21lb mirror. Daniel Andrews had 5 fish, 4 nice mirrors and a 24lb common. Fish are coming out steadily and from all round the lake. Just don’t know what peg will do.

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The Match lake and Canal will be opening back up tomorrow 2nd June. The Big Pit and Pleasure lake are staying closed until the 8th June. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Re opening for Day tickets

·As of tomorrow morning Tuesday 19th may, we will be opening for day tickets as the driving rules have changed to local driving now


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